Rod Pashley

Rod first raced Midgets in 1990 in an original Type VII Dastle. He provided a link to the earliest days of short oval car racing through his father, Charlie 'Ginger' Pashley who was one of the pioneers of Midget racing in the 1930s.

With a car nearly 20 years old which very much represented the heritage side of the sport, even back in the nineties, Rod posted some good points scoring finishes not only in domestic races but in titled events. These including a sixth place in the 1991 British Championship at Northampton and a fifth in the London Championship in the Midget London Championship in 1993 at Wimbledon, the last Midget meeting in the capital.

Sadly Rod passed away in December 2019.


On the grid at Wimbledon 1993

Up to yellow grade - Peterborough