filming at WimbledonMIDGET MATTERS by Jack Brodie
Short Circuit, June 1982

SCOTLAND could have its first taste of midget car racing for 28 years if a suggested visit to Cowdenbeath is taken up by the GP Midget Club drivers.

The Scots want to see the GP midgets in action at their meeting on August 8 - and if it comes off, it will be the first meeting since Dave Hughes took his famous Skirrow midget car troupe (four wheel drive, 1,OOOcc JAP-engine cars) to Stepps, Motherwell and Glasgow White City in 1953 and 1954.

Two More for Basil

FORMER GP World champion Basil Craske added two more trophies to his collection recently. At Alwalton (Peterborough), Craske won the 'Davro Welding Trophy', then at Northampton took the 'Bill Boarer Memorial' event.

In the Northampton meeting, National GP champion Malcolm Goodman had mechanical trouble when leading by half a lap on the penultimate lap.

It let Craske into front place, winning from Geoff Hughes senior, Dave Cox and an improving Brian Forrest.

The driver catching the eye most was Ted Hawkins, making his midget debut after racing in American short circuit events. Using Dan Hornby's car, after spinning out in his first drive, in the next race Hawkins took a smart fifth place behind Goodman, Craske, George Pullard and Jerry Pinny. In the final race at Northampton, Hughes senior took the honours from Craske, Forrest and Goodman.


VETERAN South African driver Ian Fraser Kerr heads the Namicsa speedway-midget car points scorers after the two race event at Wimbledon - where Pete Smith and Dermot McGivern were race winners.

Fraser Kerr edged to the front with two second places, in a meeting where Geoff Rumble, in the latest type Dastle midget, was dogged by teething problems with the engine.

Present Namicsa points scorers are: Ian Fraser Kerr (South Africa) 7, Pete Smith (England) 6, Dermott McGivern (Ireland) 6, John Smith (England) 3, Tony Stubbs (England) 2, Geoff Rumble (England) 1.

Namicsa awards points in descending order based on the number of cars finishing in a race.