Sunday 13 June 1982, Bovingdon, Westnofa Trophy

The GP Midget meeting at Bovingdon on June 13 saw the debut of two new drivers, Mike Fowler and Alan Riley and the return of Dave Wesbroom. The main race was for the Westnofa Trophy which saw Garry Pollard take an immediate lead from Riley and Dave Scott. As Pollard pulled away, Brian Forrest, Mick Bonner and Basil Craske were making rapid progress through the pack. Pollard pulled off with a broken rocker on lap 5, Bonner took the lead with Forrest and Craske scrapping furiously for 2nd. Bonner punctured and Craske moved into the lead and held on to the flag ahead of Forrest, Geoff Hughes senior, Riley, Wesbroom and Malcolm Goodman.

Race 2 was led away by Mike Fowler with Pollard taking the lead on lap 2 and holding it all the way to the chequered flag Bonner broke a driveshaft giving chase letting Hughes, Gerry Pinny, Forrest, Riley and Craske through to fill the places.

Race 3 was 'Play it again Garry' as Pollard took the lead on lap 2 and held it to the flag. Wesbroom, Forrest, Bonner, Craske and Dave Cox gave chase. Bonner spun and Forrest and Craske were dicing for 2nd again when Forrest spun, Craske followed Pollard home with Hughes coming through to 3rd ahead of a recovered Bonner, Cox and Pinny.


Pos No Driver From Pts Grade
1st 21 Basil Craske Norwich 90 Silver
2nd 10 Geoff Hughes London 51 Red
3rd 28 Malcolm Goodman Kings Lynn 40 Red
4th 24 Mick Bonner Colchester 34 Red
= 44 Anthony Brewer Balcombe 34 Red
6th 31 Dave Cox Maidstone 30 Red
7th 87 Jerry Pinny Northampton 22 Blue
8th 23 Gary Pollard London 19 Blue
= 91 Don Bray London 19 Blue
10th 11 Barry Hughes London 16 Blue