Sunday 10 September 1978 Kaldenkirchen


The World Superstox title was won by Gordon McDougall from pole position - but that gives a very incorrect picture of what actually happened during the race. From the start, Jim Welch rapidly took up the lead and opened it up after shaking off the attentions of Adri van den Oetelaar. By the time the race reached 25 laps, the order was Welch, Adri vd Oetelaar, Roy Eaton and McDougall. Then the action started for the leaders. Jim Welch suffered a broken distributor wire and stopped on the back straight, two laps later Adri blew his engine, and the oil dropped on the track took several other cars out of the running including Eaton. As Antony vd Oetelaar, took up the lead he got a flat rear inside tyre, which didn't slow him, but a few laps later his front inside tyre went too, and this time he had to go, handing the title to Gordon McDougall, who despite being caught up by Howard Cole never looked in danger, as the Cole bumper was never used, even when Howard was held up by the slower cars. Three years ago, Neil Bee drew grid 1, and was never headed, this time from position 28 he still managed third. His fellow Downham Market, Norfolk, driver John Gray performed a very spectacular end over end roll on lap two.

Gordon McDougall
Weil Hermkens
Peter Schiemann
Willi Loff
?? Linsen
Jim Welch
Klaus Muller
Adri van den Oetelaar
Alan Cayzer
Roy Eaton
Reiner Sangersdorf
Antony van den Oetelaar
Brian Jones
Jo van Rengs
Franz Spennes
Bill Bridges
Wolfgang Bucholz
Les Clark
Norman Issitt
Franz Bonants
Howard Cole
Fred van der Linden
Alfred Katzinksi
Werner Jentges
Martyn Brand
Karl W Jentges
John Gray
Neil Bee

World Championship: 1st 41 Gordon McDougall, 2nd 211 Howard Cole, 3rd 482 Neil Bee, 4th Weil Hermkens, 5th Fred van der Linden, 6th 685 Brian Jones, 7th Linsen, 8th Klaus Muller, 9th Karl Jentges, 10th Franz Bonants