Saturday 8 November 1975, Wimbledon

For Spedeworth and SCOTA to hold a Formula 1 World Championship was asking for trouble. SCOTA cannot use all the drivers in this country and they have trouble raising enough at times for ordinary meetings, but Les Eaton and the Spedeworth officials are magicians on these occasions, and a quick walk round the Wimbledon pits soon put my fears at rest. There were five Dutch drivers, three Germans and one Belgian all in their own cars, and impressive cars at that. There was our South African visitor Harry Van Der Spuy in a yet to be raced car kindly lent by Alan Berry. From the other tracks, there was Les Mitchell in a typical Mitchell coloured car with winking lights. Only difficulty in finding a car kept the great Fred Mitchell, twice World Champion, in the stands, and I suspect that veteran SCOTA official Darkie Wright, fresh from a special veterans race victory in the Midlands was equally sad that he could not race at Wimbledon.

The Championship race was an all action epic. Martin Stone went into the lead. Ken Longmore rolled, out came the yellow flag and when they got going again, Ken Sanders got past Martin and was spun for his pains. Bob Boddington took over and then the much improved Alan Casserley. Pat Driscoll appeared in second place, with brother Denis sixth. With just over half the race gone and the inner metal line a shambles Denis went out with a flat and Martin Stone's axle collapsed.

Alan Casserley misjudged the exit from the pits bend and ran into Martin Stone's car, leaving Pat Driscoll to open up a big gap and win from White Top Bob Boddington, Ern Smith, Les Suckling, Freddie Hoyle and Jim Wilde. All round the track were parked cars, a momento of one of the most hectic races of the season. Not one Overseas car was still going. Last year Pat Driscoll won the British Drivers' Championship after a career which started back in 1956 on the bumpy old Rye House circuit. Now he has won a World Championship and a World title which for tie first time ever in Formula 1 racing was a genuine international event.

The opening heat for non-qualifiers saw Peter Peeters of Holland and Bobby Burns pushing, spinning and bumping each other as if it was a Destruction event. Peter finished on a tyre marker and Bobby, believe it or not, finished on the dog track. I am still trying to work out how he did it. The crowd loved every second of one of the maddest races yet. Brian Phillips won from Terry Harris and Johnny Hewer. The Consolation went to Pete Webb, who it was good to see back in action. Les Mitchell caught him, but had to retire and Pete was followed home by Ken Sanders and Dave Saunders. Pete repeated his effort in the meeting Final, followed this time by Alan England and Frank Handyside. So Pete ended the first SCOTA season, as he began it on Easter Monday when he won the Final at Ringwood.

I watched the meeting with my good friend Charlie Hodges, star of the Grimley Stock Car Club near Worcester who was watching his first meeting on a Spedeworth track. He and his wife set off on the long journey back to Worcester full of admiration for a wonderful evening's racing, and marvelling at the palatial Wimbledon Stadium.

Formula One

Race 1 (non-qualifiers, 12 laps)
329 69 222 100
Result: 1st 4 Brian Phillips, 2nd 366 Terry Harris, 3rd 116 Johnny Hewer, 4th 22, 5th 88 Pete Bashford
Race 2 (World Championship, 35 laps)
34 61 121 87 227 5 104 6 81 24 159        
45 262 3 404
17 308 90 904 111 1 8
132 274 238        
Result: 1st 81 Pat Driscoll, 2nd 196 Bob Boddington, 3rd 404 Ernie Smith, 4th 132 Les Suckling, 5th 262 Freddie Hoyle, 6th 90 Jim Wilde
Race 3 (consolation, 15 laps)
24 329 3                        
450 121 238 17
6 317 111        
Result: 1st 8 Pete Webb, 2nd 121 Ken Sanders, 3rd 227 Dave Saunders, 4th 274 Denis Driscoll, 5th 17 Mel Bassey, 6th 3 Ray Pearce, 7th 329
Race 4 (final, 25 laps)
366 81 90 24 6 88                  
4 196 121 8
262 308 104 329 404    
Result: 1st 8 Pete Webb, 2nd 24 Alan England, 3rd 308 Frank Handyside

Hot Rods

Race 1: 1st 146 Mick Sheppard, 2nd 500 Richard Wager, 3rd 218 Martin Brundle, 4th 37 Micky Elliott, 5th 164, 6th 228, 7th 130 Steve Jones, 8th 45

Race 2: 1st 306 George Polley, 2nd 139 Ray Vale, 3rd 158, 4th 130 Steve Jones, 5th 110 Roy Cook, 6th 214 Damien Byrne, 7th 140 John Stringer

Race 3: 1st 61 Gordon Barber, 2nd 253 Don Smith, 3rd 37 Micky Elliott, 4th 214 Damien Byrne, 5th 158, 6th 110 Roy Cook, 7th 55 Bob Saill, 8th 122 Fred Nicholas

Race 4 (final): 1st 146 Mick Sheppard, 2nd 158, 3rd 37 Micky Elliott, 4th 164, 5th 140 John Stringer, 6th 130 Steve Jones