Thursday 28 October 1965, Aldershot

(Stock Car Racing News) Aldershot stadium is not the ideal track to visit on a wet evening, covered accommodation being strictly limited, so I was delighted when rain earlier in the day lifted and gave us a pleasantly warm evening on October 28th. Although the rain had stopped, the track was still very wet when the cars came out for the first race of the night. In fact it was in just the state to suit Trevor Frost, a wet-track star if ever there has been one. Alas, Trevor was not down to drive in the programme - although it was rumoured on the terraces that he had been seen, en-route. But we never saw him. The evening did, however, prove that one of Spedeworth's newer drivers, Graham North, can certainly handle a car on the wet and bumpy Aldershot track. Three times North lined up on the grid, and three times he was first past the flag, including of course his win in the final. At the start of the season he was a white top driver - now the November meetings will have' seen him with a 'red' roof.