Saturday 13 November 1965, Wimbledon

Race 1: 1st 185 Pete Hirschfield, 2nd Pete Bunday, 3rd 331 Mike Woodward, 4th Bill Williams, 5th 355 Pete Long, 6th Ken Lambert, 7th 284 Les Collins, 8th 126 Alan Ruffle

Race 2: 1st 463 Dell Stickings, 2nd 280 Johnny Melia, 3rd 68 Trevor Frost, 4th 216 Mike Hitchcock, 5th 2 Stan Ingle, 6th 267 Graham North, 7th 406 Les Lipscombe, 8th 41 Eric Taylor

Race 3: 1st 174 Tony Mellish, 2nd 210 Eddie James, 3rd 320 Dave Pierce, 4th 304 Derek Fiske, 5th 307 Norman Crowe, 6th 399 Chris Studd, 7th 417 Roger Warnes, 8th 306 Nev Whittaker

Race 4 Consolation: 1st 86 Pete Parratt, 2nd 311 Terry Rustell, 3rd 424 Eddie Riley, 4th 478 Harold Holloway, 5th 477 John Watts, 6th 82 Roy Wood, 7th 284 Les Collins, 8th 46 Doug Harris

Race 5 Consolation: 1st 30 Bernie Turner, 2nd 417 Roger Warnes, 3rd 140 Steve Tanner, 4th 295 Alan Freebody, 5th George Dann, 6th 155 Don Ham, 7th 164 Dave Packham, 8th 222 Eric Luff

Race 6 (Final): 1st 174 Tony Mellish, 2nd 68 Trevor Frost, 3rd 210 Eddie James, 4th 304 Derek Fiske, 5th 86 Pete Parratt, 6th 280 Johnny Melia

Race 7 Butchers Chopper: 1st 210 Eddie James, 2nd 304 Derek Fiske, 3rd 399 Chris Studd, 4th 155 Don Ham, 5th 320 Dave Pierce, 6th 140 Steve Tanner, 7th 136 Phil Newington, 8th 424 Eddie Riley

Stock Car Racing News

With extra sixpences on the programmes and a collection at the final meetings at Aldershot (where I believe Tony Mellish won the final) and Ipswich, Spedeworth raised nearly 200 for Dr. Barnado's a fine effort. Mellish won his second Wimbledon final in a row to take the East London Credit Traders' Trophy on November 13th, with Trevor Frost and Eddie James collecting the other prizes, James also winning the George Taylor Insurance Trophy for the end of meeting Butchers Chopper. Keith Parker had engine trouble on the last bend when well clear of the field in the second consolation. It was the hard luck story of the night a cold evening, but enjoyable.

Report from December 1965 Journal

Forty one White Tops lined up on the grid for the first race of this sponsored meeting. Over twenty laps, there were bound to be pile-ups. In spite of all the bash and crash, however, there was good racing, and the eventual winner was Pete Hirschfield followed by Pete Bunday, Mike, Woodward, Bill Williams, Pete Long, Ken Lambert, Les Collins and Alan Ruffle.

Second race of the evening saw thirty one cars on the grid, and nine star men. The man who starred in this race, however, was Dell Stickings newly promoted to Blue Top. Dell took the lead in the third lap, and held it throughout the race. Nearest star man to Dell was Trevor Frost, who filled the third position behind Johnny Melia. Remaining places went to Mike Hitchcock, Stan Ingle, Graham North, Les Lipscombe and Eric Taylor.

There were eight more star men out for the third race, yet once again it was a Blue Top that took top honours. This time it was Tony Mellish. Dave Pierce and Eddie James sat on his tail from the ninth lap onwards, but Tony never put a wheel wrong. Final positions, Tony Mellish, Eddie James, Dave Pierce, Derek Fiske, Norman Crowe, Chris Studd, Roger Warnes and Nev Whittaker.

The first consolation went to Pete Parratt with Terry Rustell who had led most of the way, taking second place. Eddie Riley was third, followed by Harold Holloway, John Watts, Roy Wood, Les Collins and Doug Harris.

The second consolation was yet again a victory for a Blue Top. Bernie Turner snatching the lead from White Top Keith Parker on the last bend. Keith, who started right at the front of the grid, and led until he was in sight of the finish, never even finished the race. Final placings, Bernie Turner, Roger Warnes, Steve Tanner, Allan Freebody, George Dann, Don Ham, Dave Packham and Eric Luff.

The Grand Final was a real thriller. Tony Mellish went into the lead in the seventh lap and had to fight hard through the remainder of the race to keep out Trevor Frost and Johnny Melia. In the seventeenth lap Eddie James joined in the fight but none of the stars were able to pass Tony. Final positions, Tony Mellish, Trevor Frost, Eddie James, Derek Fiske, Pete Parratt and Johnny Melia. Pete Parratt actually finished in front of Derek Fiske, but was 'docked' a place for grass-cutting in the early stages of the race.

After the Grand Final, twenty-six cars took the track for the Butchers Chopper. Eddie James, starting from the back of the grid, made no mistake, and by the end of the fifth lap took over the lead position from Don Ham. Derek Fiske, Dave Pierce and Chris Studd all challenged the World Champ, but Eddie knows his job and wouldn't give way. Final result, Eddie James, Derek Fiske, Chris Studd, Don Ham, Dave Pierce, Steve Tanner, Phil Newington and Eddie Riley.