Monday 29 March 1965, Oxford

ALTHOUGH the number of cars out at Oxford for this meeting could have been greater, by virtue of the fact that all drivers present produced that little extra something that makes a great meeting, the new season got away to a flying start.

In spite of the fact that Monday night is perhaps nor the best time for the Stocky boys, there was plenty of evidence that the sport is maintaining the popularity which was so obvious in the three meetings held last year.

Tony May (364), took the honours in heat one, but had to fight all the way against some inspired driving by Bob Perry (217) and Colin Brading (492), who finished shed second and third, in that order. First thrill of the night was provided by local man Pete Else (400), who got his wheels crossed on the very first bend, and demonstrated the versatility of his neat little stocky by travelling almost as far and fast on his roof as he'd done on all four wheels.

Premier places in heat two all went to star men. A very fast race this, with the lead changing from car to car throughout. The final lap saw Steve Tanner (140) a good winner, followed by Aubrey Dance (70), and Don Mason (34). Tony Curtis (14), followed up his great display at the Padworth Park scramble, by qualifying for the final in this his first ever heat.

Final positions in heat three were again dominated by star men, Bob Perry (217), crossing the line but he was really being pushed by young Trevor Carpenter (35), followed by Dennis Pearson (319). Pete Else once again managed to finish up with the wrong corners on the ground.

Heat four honours went to Stan Ingle (2) with a masterly display which had him crossing the line way out in front. Second place went to Don Mason (34) followed by world champ Eddie James (210).

The Grand Final was a race to be remembered. From the fifth lap it was obvious that Trevor Carpenter was set on obtaining the night's top honour. Try as he would, Stan Ingle just could not pass this young flyer and had to be content with the second place. Colin Brading again did superbly to finish third in front of Eddie James who was followed home by Steve Tanner and Aubrey Dance.

Men to watch in the future! Tony Curtis (14), Colin Brading (492) and Mick Turner (12).

Race 1: 1st 364 Tony May, 2nd 217 Bob Perry, 3rd 492 Colin Brading

Race 2: 1st 140 Steve Tanner, 2nd 70 Foxy Dance, 3rd 34 Don Mason

Race 3: 1st 217 Bob Perry, 2nd 35 Trevor Carpenter, 3rd 319 Denny Pearson

Race 4: 1st 2 Stan Ingle, 2nd 34 Don Mason, 3rd 210 Eddie James

Race 5 (Final): 1st 35 Trevor Carpenter, 2nd 2 Stan Ingle, 3rd 492 Colin Brading, 4th 210 Eddie James, 5th 140 Steve Tanner, 6th 70 Foxy Dance