Thursday 1 April 1965, Aldershot

By the time this report appears in print the season will he well advanced Unfortunately, a Monthly journal such as this does not readily lend itself to the task of reporting the great number of meetings staged by Specleworth However, there are somec meetings that are so interesting that they lose nothing in spite of the time lag between their occurrence and the publication of the report, even though that may he two or three weeks after the event.

The opening, meeting at Aldershot must come under the above category, for Aldershot has an atmosphere all its own. No matter how the true stock car fan enjoys the luxurious stadium at, Wimbledon, or the distinguishing features of the, various other track, up and down the country, the word ALDERSHOT means Stock Car Racing and the loyal patrons who brave the discomforts when the weather is unkind expect and deserve. the best. I am sure that it is also true to say that they get the best. So, in spite of the previous meetings hold at other tracks, this was the real opening night, here at Aldershot. The track where most friends meet.

The first heat was dominated in the early laps by Colin Brading (492) and Johnny Grainger (152), but after his good start Colin got tied up with a couple of back markers and lost his narrow lead, which was taken over by Johnny Grainger. Meanwhile star men Dennis Pearson (319) and Pete Parratt (86) had been steadily working their way through the field and finally took the first and second positions in that order. Johnny Grainger held his third position, but Colin Brading had to be satisfied with the last qualifying place.

Heat two saw Keith Connor (87) and Arthur Hackett (252) trying hard to maintain their positions of advantage. towards the front of the grid. However the lead was taken over by Ginger Payne (335), followed by Dave Pierce (320), Tony Maidment (17) and World Champion Eddie James (210). Then Eddie treated us all to a display of World class driving brushing aside all opposition to take the chequered flag with Ginger Payne, second, and Tony Maidment third.

Heat three produced racing that will be remembered at Aldershot where great races are commonplace, for many weeks to come. From the eighth lap onwards a terrific battle developed between Star men Don Mason (34) and Dennis Pearson (319), the lead passing from one to the other time and again. The pace set, and the control of their stockies shown by these two great characters, was fantastic. Don Mason was the eventual winner, but all credit to Dennis, who rightly shared the lap of honour. Pete Parratt, who'd been close behind all the way. came home a creditable third.

Heat four was almost a repeat performance of heat two. Once again Eddie James made it plain for all to see that that he was intent on clearing the board. Another great race by the World Champ, with Ginger Payne and Dave Pierce switching their positions of heat two.

And so we came to the Grand Final. Could Eddie James pull off the coveted one, two, three? Or would Don Mason and Dennis Pearson thwart his efforts? We were soon to know! This was a tremendously fast race and the stars were dominating the lead positions early on. Don Mason being the first red top to fight his way out front. No challenge this time, however, from Dennis Pearson. Pete Parratt, Ginger Payne, Dave Pierce and young Trevor Carpenter were all forcing the pace. Once again, though, it was Eddie James who caught the eye as he steadily. fought his way through the field. For a time it seemed as if another great battle would ensue between Eddie and Don Mason, but from the eighteenth lap Eddie stayed in front and gradually increased his lead.

Final placings: Eddie James (210), Don Mason (34), Dave Pierce (320), Pete Parratt (86), Ginger Payne (335), and Trevor Carpenter (35).

Best White Tops: Johnny Grainger (152), Colin Brading, (4921), and Arthur Hackett (252)

Race 1: 1st 319 Denny Pearson, 2nd 86 Pete Parratt, 3rd 152 Johnny Grainger, 4th ??, 5th ??, 6th ??, 7th ??, 8th 492 Colin Brading

Race 2: 1st 210 Eddie James, 2nd 335 Ginger Payne, 3rd 17 Tony Maidment, 4th, 5th, 6th

Race 3: 1st 34 Don Mason, 2nd 319 Denny Pearson, 3rd 86 Pete Parratt, 4th, 5th, 6th

Race 4: 1st 210 Eddie James, 2nd 335 Ginger Payne, 3rd 320 Dave Pierce, 4th, 5th, 6th

Race 5 (Final): 1st 210 Eddie James, 2nd 34 Don Mason, 3rd 320 Dave Pierce, 4th 86 Pete Parratt, 5th 335 Ginger Payne, 6th 35 Trevor Carpenter