1964 driver list

Points to 25 April

Tuesday 17-Mar-64 Reading results
Friday 27-Mar-64 Ipswich pictures
Saturday 28-Mar-64 Aldershot  
Sunday 29-Mar-64 Eastbourne  
Monday 30-Mar-64 Wimbledon results
Thursday 02-Apr-64 Aldershot  
Saturday 04-Apr-64 Norwich  
Sunday 05-Apr-64 Weymouth  
Thursday? 09-Apr-64 Ipswich  
Sunday 19-Apr-64 Ipswich  
Tuesday 21-Apr-64 Reading  
Saturday 25-Apr-64 Wimbledon  
Saturday 02-May-64 Norwich  
Sunday 03-May-64 Ipswich  
Tuesday 05-May-64 Reading Denny Pearson v Stan Ingle
Thursday 07-May-64 Aldershot  
Sunday 10-May-64 Weymouth  
Thursday 14-May-64 Aldershot  
Saturday 16-May-64 Weymouth  
Sunday 17-May-64 Eastbourne  
Monday 18-May-64 Ipswich  
Tuesday 19-May-64 Reading Berkshire Trophy
Thursday 21-May-64 Aldershot  
Saturday 23-May-64 Norwich  
Saturday 30-May-64 Wimbledon Team Racing
Sunday 31-May-64 Weymouth  
Tuesday 02-Jun-64 Reading  
Thursday 04-Jun-64 Aldershot  
Saturday 06-Jun-64 Wimbledon  
Sunday 07-Jun-64 Eastbourne  
Thursday 11-Jun-64 Aldershot  
Saturday 13-Jun-64 Norwich Cancelled
Sunday 14-Jun-64 Ipswich  
Wednesday 17-Jun-64 Reading Cancelled
Thursday 18-Jun-64 Aldershot Cancelled
Saturday 20-Jun-64 Wimbledon  
Sunday 21-Jun-64 Eastbourne partial results
Thursday 25-Jun-64 Aldershot  
Saturday 27-Jun-64 Norwich  
Sunday 28-Jun-64 Ipswich results
Wednesday 01-Jul-64 Reading  
Thursday 02-Jul-64 Aldershot  
Saturday 04-Jul-64 Weymouth  
Sunday 05-Jul-64 Eastbourne  
Saturday 25-Jul-64 Wimbledon British Championship
Saturday 01-Aug-64 Weymouth  
Sunday 02-Aug-64 Eastbourne  
Monday 03-Aug-64 Ipswich  
Monday 03-Aug-64 Norwich Eng v Sco
Wednesday 05-Aug-64 Reading  
Thursday 06-Aug-64 Aldershot  
Saturday 08-Aug-64 Norwich  
Sunday 09-Aug-64 Ipswich Eng v Sco
Thursday 13-Aug-64 Aldershot  
Saturday 15-Aug-64 Weymouth  
Sunday 16-Aug-64 Eastbourne  
Thursday 20-Aug-64 Aldershot  
Friday 21-Aug-64 White City, Glasgow  
Sunday 23-Aug-64 Ipswich results
Thursday 27-Aug-64 Aldershot  
Saturday 29-Aug-64 Wimbledon England v Scotland
Saturday 29-Aug-64 Norwich  
Sunday 30-Aug-64 Eastbourne  
Wednesday 02-Sep-64 Reading  
Thursday 03-Sep-64 Aldershot  
Saturday 05-Sep-64 Aldershot  
Sunday 06-Sep-64 Weymouth  
Thursday 10-Sep-64 Aldershot  
Friday 11-Sep-64 White City, Glasgow Scottish Open
Saturday 12-Sep-64 Norwich  
Sunday 13-Sep-64 Ipswich  
Wednesday 16-Sep-64 Reading Battle of Britain trophy
Saturday 19-Sep-64 Wimbledon World Championship
Sunday 20-Sep-64 Eastbourne  
Thursday 24-Sep-64 Aldershot  
Saturday 26-Sep-64 Norwich  
Sunday 27-Sep-64 Ipswich  
Sunday 27-Sep-64 Weymouth  
Wednesday 30-Sep-64 Reading  
Thursday 01-Oct-64 Aldershot  
Friday 02-Oct-64 White City, Glasgow England v Scotland
Saturday 03-Oct-64 Wimbledon  
Sunday 04-Oct-64 Eastbourne  
Thursday 08-Oct-64 Aldershot  
Friday 09-Oct-64 White City, Glasgow European Championship
Saturday 10-Oct-64 Oxford  
Sunday 11-Oct-64 Ipswich  
Thursday 15-Oct-64 Aldershot  
Saturday 17-Oct-64 Norwich  
Saturday 17-Oct-64 Wimbledon results
Thursday 22-Oct-64 Aldershot  
Saturday 24-Oct-64 Oxford  
Saturday 24-Oct-64 Norwich Last meeting
Sunday 25-Oct-64 Ipswich  
Thursday 29-Oct-64 Aldershot  
Saturday 31-Oct-64 Wimbledon

World International

Thursday 05-Nov-64 Aldershot  
Saturday 07-Nov-64 Oxford  
Sunday 08-Nov-64 Ipswich  
Saturday 14-Nov-64 Wimbedon Open Challenge to BSCDA
Saturday 21-Nov-64 Ipswich  
Saturday 28-Nov-64 Wimbedon Carnival Night

Richard Sharp at Oxford 10 October

Brian Last

Reading pit bend