Welcome to my Spedeworth history site.

Some time back I pulled together all the information I could find on the Grand Prix Midgets - this is still an active project and the pages can be found on a separate site here. These pages on Spedeworth International were intended to aid and abet or even compliment my other projects - the books I have written and also the classic short oval magazines which I used to produce.

I've pretty much loaded all the data I have on this era. I am now reliant on trawling through sundry magazines for the gaps here in the 60s and 70s info or relying on the goodwill of others who might have some info tucked away in their archives.

Most recent updates...

If you note any errors or would like to contribute to these pages then please let us know. I'm also looking for photos and cuttings to help fill in the gaps. Even dubious quality images would be help and would bring some of the pages to life.

Spectator? Former driver or relative? Former team member? We look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks to the following who have already contributed information and pictures to this site... Anne Sayell, Frank Boyles, Roger Fennings, Graham Brown, Trevor Hill, Peggyann Lilly, Stu Blyth, Jack Grainger, Farina, Philip Taylor.

If you have any pictures, text, information or results that can be added then please let us know. Thanks.