Simon Pashley Trophy

Simon was taken from us at a very early age but we remember him every year with with an annual trophy race at Buxton.

Year Circuit Winner Year Circuit Winner
2017 Buxton Daniel Pooley   2005 Buxton Jason Carnwell
2016 Buxton Daniel Pooley   2004 Buxton Harold Lowe
2015 Buxton Jonathan Pooley   2003 Buxton John Salter
2014 Buxton David Bonser   2002 Buxton Daz Rycroft
2013 Buxton Marc de Land   2001 Buxton Rob Sayell
2012 Buxton Dave Dollin   2000 Buxton Rob Sayell
2011 Buxton Mark Hodges   1999 Buxton Rob Sayell
2010 Birmingham Daniel Pooley   1998 Buxton Kevin Johnson
2009 Buxton Jonathan Pooley   1997 Buxton Gary Piper
2008 Buxton Jonathan Pooley   1996 Buxton Harry Sayell
2007 Buxton Jason Carnwell   1995 Buxton Stuart Haynes
2006 Buxton Jason Carnwell   1994 Buxton John Weston

2015 top three!