European Championship

The European Championship dates back to 1971 when the MARC held the event exclusively for their own drivers (i.e. with no overseas drivers as such). Two years later Spedeworth, working with their overseas counterparts, ran the first meritorious European event in Germany.

Year Circuit Winner Year Circuit Winner
2017 Posterholt David Bonser 1993 Peterborough Harry Sayell
2016 Posterholt David Bonser 1992 Antwerp Klaus Kilianski
2015 Posterholt Jonathan Pooley 1991 Peterborough Klaus Kilianski
2014 Lochgelly Daniel Pooley 1990 Posterholt Jan Schraets
2013 Northampton Jonathan Pooley 1989 Peterborough Basil Craske
2012 Northampton Gordon Pooley 1988 Posterholt Henk Hanssen
2011 Arena Jonathan Pooley 1987 Peterborough Basil Craske
2010 Birmingham Jonathan Pooley 1986 Kaldenkirchen Jan Schraets
2009 Buxton Daniel Pooley 1985 Mick Bonner
2008 Hednesford Jason Carnwell 1984 Ruisbroek Jan Schraets
2007 Birmingham Jason Carnwell 1983 Northampton Jan van Rengs
2006 Arena Alan Buckland 1982 Henk Hanssen
2005 Buxton Alan Buckland 1981 Posterholt Jan van Rengs
2004 Northampton Alan Buckland 1980 Jan van Rengs
2003 Peterborough Daz Rycroft 1979 Recklinghausen Jan van Rengs
2002 Ipswich Andy Collins 1978 Tilburg Jan van Rengs
2001 Peterborough Rob Sayell 1977 Kaldenkirchen Peter Loff
2000 Ringwood Rob Sayell 1976 Kaldenkirchen Peter Loff
1999 Peterborough Stuart Haynes 1975 Peter Loff
1998 Northampton Harry Sayell 1974 Kaldenkirchen Frank Boyles
1997 Peterborough Harry Sayell 1973 Kaldenkirchen Rod Tanswell
1996 Peterborough Harry Sayell 1972 Harringey Paul Emery
1995 Peterborough Harry Sayell 1971 Paul Emery
1994 Gruitrode Toni Scheepens    

Gordon Pooley (2012 winner) and Marc de Land