East of England Championship

A long standing fixture on the Midget calendar, originally run at Peterborough and one of the few to have enjoyed a terrestrial television broadcast via an early edition of BBC's Top Gear (think it was 1989).

The race was often run as the feature race on the second day of the World or European Championship meetings at Alwalton (Peterborough) and therefore often had an international flavour.

Year Circuit Winner Year Circuit Winner
2017 Swaffham     1996 Peterborough Klaus Kilianski
2016 Swaffham Jonathan Pooley   1995 Peterborough Nic Grindrod
2015 Swaffham Marc de Land   1994 Peterborough Stuart Haynes
2014 - not run   1993 Peterborough John Calladine
2013 - not run   1992 Peterborough Harry Sayell
2012 Yarmouth David Bonser   1991 Peterborough Duncan Long
2011 Yarmouth Jonathan Pooley   1990 Peterborough Klaus Kilianski
2010 Yarmouth Jonathan Pooley   1989 Peterborough Harry Lowe
2009 Yarmouth Daniel Pooley   1988 Peterborough Basil Craske
2008 Yarmouth Daniel Pooley   1987 Peterborough Eddy Ricketts
2007 Yarmouth Jonathan Pooley   1986 Peterborough Dave Wesbroom
2006 Yarmouth Gordon Pooley   1985 Peterborough Basil Craske
2005 Yarmouth Neil Clarke   1984 Peterborough Basil Craske
2004 Yarmouth Chris Phillips   1983 Peterborough Malcolm Goodman
2003 Peterborough Daz Rycroft   1982    
2002 Peterborough Gary Granger   1981 Peterborough Gary Pollard
2001 Peterborough Rob Sayell   1980 Peterborough Basil Craske
2000 Peterborough Rob Sayell   1979    
1999 Peterborough Stuart Haynes   1978    
1998 Peterborough Kev Johnson   1977 Peterborough Mick Bonner
1997 Peterborough Harry Sayell