Derek Kisby Trophy

It is appropriate that the race is usually contested at Spedeworth's Yarmouth Raceway - Derek registered with Spedeworth when he joined the GP Midgets.

Year Circuit Winner Year Circuit Winner
2017 Swaffham     1997 Ringwood Harry Sayell
2016 Yarmouth Daniel Pooley   1996 Northampton Stuart Haynes
2015 Yarmouth Jonathan Pooley   1995 Peterborough Dick Loseby
2014 Yarmouth Jonathan Pooley   1994 Peterborough John Calladine
2013 Yarmouth Jonathan Pooley   1993 Peterborough Harry Sayell
2012 Yarmouth Jonathan Pooley   1992 Peterborough Gordon Pooley
2011 Yarmouth Luke Retchless   1991 Peterborough Harry Sayell
2010 Yarmouth Marc de Land   1990 Yarmouth Harry Sayell
2009 Yarmouth Daniel Pooley   1989 Peterborough Harry Lowe
2008 Yarmouth Andrew Bilby   1988 Swaffham Harry Lowe
2007 Yarmouth Jonathan Pooley   1987 Peterborough Anthony Brewer
2006 Yarmouth Jonathan Pooley   1986 Peterborough Basil Craske
2005 Yarmouth Rob Sayell   1985 Swaffham Dave Wesbroom
2004 Yarmouth Gary Bonner   1984 Swaffham Harry Sayell
2003 Yarmouth Alan Buckland   1983 Swaffham Gary Pollard
2002 Yarmouth Rob Sayell   1982 Swaffham Mick Bonner
2001 Yarmouth Gordon Pooley   1981 Swaffham Mick Bonner
2000   Rob Sayell   1980    
1999   Rob Sayell   1979    
1998 Peterborough Dick Loseby   1978 Wisbech Mick Bonner

Derek Kisby Tribute, from the club's newsletter

Derek Kisby passed away early in 1976 from throat cancer leaving his widow Jean, daughter Sharon and two sons, Kevin and Paul. Jean has since remarried but the family remain in touch with the Club and present the Derek Kisby Memorial Trophy (see below) every year.

Derek lived in Beccles, Suffolk and was a mechanic by trade working for Simpsons VAG in Lowestoft. Derek came into Midget racing in 1973 after competing successfully in Stock Car racing on dirt tracks in Norfolk and Suffolk. He bought a brand new Fireball Mk4 from Frank Boyles which was on display at the annual party at Aldershot Stadium in the Winter of 1972. The engine was a 1275 'S' on a helical box running Twin 1 3/4 " SU carbs. The cost of this car ready to race in 1972 was 1500.

Derek raced with Spedeworth rather than the MARC and competed in most meetings including the mid-week outings. He also travelled to Holland in his first season to represent England in the European Championship meeting, competing in the consolation event. Derek and Frank Boyles were two of the first drivers to race on 13 inch slicks as opposed to the 10 inch Dunlop and Firestone tyres which were the norm in those days. He quickly built up a reputation as a good all round driver having battled regularly with the stars of the day; Mick Bonner, Boyles, Roland Parker, Malcolm Goodman and Bill Boarer.

Always very well presented, the car sported a red livery and raced under the number 99. Derek made the red grade with ease and stayed there until the end of his career. In 1974 he continued to do well, regularly finishing in the top 6 and often taking race wins thereby qualifying for another European outing in Holland and Germany. 1975 was the Club's first season as an independent organisation and proved to be Derek's most successful. He won the Bob Elson Trophy and finished 5th overall in the Points Championship, no mean feat when you consider there were regular 20-25 car grids with 13 red tops, 18 blues and 16 whites on the grading list over the 20 meetings.