British Championship

The British Championship is the second oldest of the formula's events dating back to 1971 when Mick Bonner won the title at White City. The Championship does however have the distinction of having been run twice in 1977 - once under the guise of 'Speedcars' at Newton Abbot! That probably makes up for there not being an event in 1974 - it was scheduled for November at Ipswich as an all Midget meeting but was cancelled. From the data I have seen I think it is likely that the title was not contested in the club's first years, 1975 and 1976 as the championship was a Spedeworth instigation not originally carried through at the Club's set up as an indepedent organisation.

Year Circuit Winner   Year Circuit Winner
2017 Swaffham     1993 Peterborough Harry Sayell
2016 Skegness Steve Young   1992 Northampton Harry Sayell
2015 Birmingham Clifford Bunn   1991 Northampton John Calladine
2014 Northampton Dave Bonser   1990 Wisbech Harry Sayell
2013 Cowdenbeath Steve Young   1989 Peterborough Basil Craske
2012 Birmingham Jonathan Pooley   1988 Peterborough Basil Craske
2011 Birmingham Chris Neal   1987 Ringwood Basil Craske
2010 Birmingham Jonathan Pooley   1986 Northampton Brian Forrest
2009 Birmingham Marc de Land   1985 Northampton Basil Craske
2008 Northampton Geoff Bunn   1984 Northampton Mick Bonner
2007 Arena Steve Young   1983 Northampton Garry Pollard
2006 Swaffham Jason Carnwell   1982 Northampton Basil Craske
2005 Swaffham Gary Bonner   1981 Northampton Geoff Hughes sr
2004 Swaffham Ez Walker   1980 Northampton Basil Craske
2003 Ringwood Harold Lowe   1979 Northampton Chris Butler
2002 Northampton Andy Collins   1978    
2001 Buxton Gary Granger   1977 Hartlepool Mick Bonner
2000 Buxton Rob Sayell   1977 Newton Abbot Malcolm Goodman
1999 Northampton Steve Piggins   1976   not held
1998 Northampton Gordon Pooley   1975   not held
1997 Buxton Mark Jenkins   1974 Ipswich Cancelled
1996 Buxton Gordon Pooley   1973 White City Derek Johnson
1995 Buxton Gary Granger   1972 White City Rod Tanswell
1994 Northampton Nic Grindrod   1971 White City Mick Bonner