Bill Boarer

Bill Boarer raced Midgets in the early days of the Spedeworth formula and pioneered the enduring Arrow design in the seventies. Bill's son Alf went on to become a multiple champion in Midgets before achieving more success in Hot Rods and on the circuits.

Bill Boarer Trophy

Year Circuit Winner Year Circuit Winner
2017 Birmingham Jonathan Pooley   1998 Ringwood Eddy Ricketts
2016 Aldershot Leon Smith   1997 Northampton Gordon Pooley
2015 Aldershot Daniel Pooley   1996 Northampton Stuart Haynes
2014 Aldershot Steve Young   1995   Harry Sayell
2013 Aldershot Jonathan Pooley   1994 Northampton Nic Grindrod
2012 Aldershot Marc de Land   1993 Buxton Harry Sayell
2011 Aldershot Daniel Pooley   1992 Peterborough Stuart Haynes
2010 Northampton Jonathan Pooley   1991 Northampton Harry Sayell
2009 Aldershot Klaus Kilianski   1990 Ringwood Kevin Stanford
2008 Arena Clifford Bunn   1989 Ringwood Anthony Brewer
2007 Posterholt Jason Carnwell   1988 Ringwood Harold Lowe
2006 Bovingdon Geoff Bunn   1987 Arena Paul Sinclair
2005 Ringwood Steve Young   1986 Ringwood Basil Craske
2004 Ringwood Neil Clarke   1985 Northampton  
2003 Buxton John Salter   1984 Northampton Alf Boarer
2002 Ringwood Rob Sayell   1983 Bovingdon Gary Pollard
2001 Buxton Gary Granger   1982 Northampton Basil Craske
2000 Ringwood Rob Sayell   1981 Bovingdon Basil Craske
1999 Ringwood Andy Collins   1980   Alf Boarer