Tony Stubbs

One of the early stars of Midget racing, started with Spedeworth in 1968, represented England when the cars visited Holland for the first time in 1970. He was a founder member of the MARC in 1971. Tony was a regular race winner in both organisations and was was runner up to Paul Emery in the 1972 European Championship. He eventually raced in the Speedway cars on the NACO circuits in the Netherlands.

The picture, right, is from the Daily Mirror, 6 October 1969...

"It looks as if the long arm of the law has just collared racing driver Tony Stubbs. But Tony has no worries about being booked. For Chief Inspector Eric Fretten, looming above him, likes to see a high-speed performance. He is Tony's mechanic, and he keeps a careful eye on the 118 m.p.h. Dastle which they have been racing for the past four months. Chief Inspector Fretten pictured with Tony at Aldershot, Hants, must find that it makes a welcome change from his job in the traffic division in Southwark, London. So far the partnership has been successful. In the past eight race meetings, Tony, a car salesman, of Sutton, Surrey, has never been out of the placings. And they have nine wins to their credit. It just shows that a racing driver can find a policeman's advice very useful. When he is on the track it's sure to keep him out of trouble. Picture by Tom King.





1970 National Championship


1972 National Championship

1980 at Newton Abbot

Baarlo 1982