Neil Clarke

Joined the Midgets in 1992 and holds the record for competing in the most consecutive seasons. Prior to racing Midgets he competed in Hot Rods, Super Rods and Stock Rods.

Midget titles:

National Champion 1992
Hednesford Track Champion 1994
East of England Champion 2005

Has also won the Ace Communications Shield and June Cochrane Trophy (1999), Trafalgar Challenge Cup (2002) and Bill Boarer Memorial (2004)

Neil began racing an (1992-93) Arrow and then three seasons with a Ray Formula Ford chassis converted to Midget specification initially powered by an Alfasud engine. After that Neil began building his own Stealth, Sidewinder and Raptor chassis.


2001 Bilby Hire Car

2009 - Stealth



2019 (Pete Barber pic)

2021 at Hednesford

Other classes

1976 - Hot Rod

Vauxhall Super Rod 1980s

1987 Stock Rod Allegro