John Holloway

(Stock Car Journal 1970) John Holloway, a Vicar's son aged 34 from Ipswich, came into midget racing some three years ago as a raw beginner, never having raced any kind of car in competition. Today John is one of the most respected drivers on the raceway with his very nicely turned out midget. No doubt some of the credit for this should go to his mechanic Cliff Conningford (sic) who devotes a great deal of time to the preparation of the car. The car is front-engined, front-wheel drive, the engine being a 1071 Cooper brought up to near full race. Always smartly turned out, the car is a credit to the sport and also to the fact that it is home built. John has reached blue grading so far, but don't be fooled by this because he could so easily become a star man in midgets and this could be the year to do it. A welding demonstrator by trade, John travels some 20,000 miles a year in his job besides all the miles he does travelling to meetings, etc. When I asked him had he any hobbies other than midgets he said he had none other than giving welding tuition at various schools in the area. As to who in his opinion was the best driver on Spedeworth raceways he said without hesitation "George Polley." I would endorse that. The raceway John likes best is Ipswich this being his home track, so I suppose that's only natural. When speaking to John about midgets, he told me that we shall see his new 1971 style midget in action in the near future and that it should be quite something. Beyond that he wouldn't say. Perhaps it will make its debut when midgets are racing at Ipswich on the 9th May.