Colin Byrne

(Stock Car Journal July 1970) When we lost John Houghton we assumed we had lost the Black Lawnmower midget, this was not to be however, for the car was bought less engine by Colin Bryne one of our newer Midget drivers, though no stranger to Spedeworth circuits, Colin raced in the Stock Car class, racing number 330 for two seasons with moderate success and reached blue grading. On looking around for a suitable engine for the Black Lawnmower, Colin had some difficulty in deciding what engine to use, however undaunted and with tongue in cheek he bought a second-hand Mini Cooper with the 1071 engine, robbed the engine from the car and gave the rest to his sister Edna, who is now using the car on the road suitably converted, no doubt. The engine was stripped and rebuilt to racing specification and must be one of the most powerful engines within our formula having some 90 b.h.p. plus at the wheels.

Colin aged 33 is married with no children as yet (doesn't get the time) or so he says. He hails from East Carlton, near Norwich which involves him considerable travelling when meetings are south of the Thames. He is a Warrener by trade (Pest Control) which is a far cry from the world of Midget racing. Colin has taken to Midget racing with a vengeance, already he has reached blue grading and no doubt will go further by the end of this season.



Early 1973 - new car

1973 - Ipswich