Clifford Bunn

Clifford Bunn passed away in May 2022 after a year long battle with cancer.

Cliff had raced with the club since 2004 when he took to the circuits in a front engine Fireball. He stayed with the front engine cars throughout his tenure switching to the self built Firehawk in 2011.

His love of racing took him to America where he made the friendships that led to him bringing over a Danny Drinan chassis at the end of the 2014 season. This car made quite an impact on the racing scene in the UK and became poplar with pictures editors in particular who rightly recognised it as a great looking machine which lit up editorial and promotional pieces.

However the car did not just look good - Clifford drove it well too winning the British Championship race in his first season with the car. The Drinan was not key to his long record of successes on track though. Hed finished second in the overall championship with the Fireball in 2008 and fifth with the Firehawk in 2012/13. Clifford was the top points scorer in the meetings contested in the first year of the pandemic although he was keen to play that down. Five times front engine champion and the only driver to take that accolade in successive seasons with a different car.

Cliff will also be remembered for his work behind the scenes as club secretary over the years.