Andrew Bilby

Andrew sadly passed away after a short illness in January 2022. He started racing with the club back in 1995 having bought the Gordon Pooley built BMC car which had been raced by Steve Piggins and Gary Piper as their introduction to the club.

His first race win was in a heat at Ringwood back in 1998 and the confidence this gave him spurred him on to win the meeting final, the Southern Championship. In addition to race wins at Matchams Park, Andrew proved himself as a winner at Aldershot, Buxton, Grimley, Yarmouth, Birmingham and Arena.

Andrew was 4th in the points championship in 1999 in the BMC and then bought Harry Sayell's multi championship winning VW. Andrew earned his best ever season in that car in 2001 taking second place in the championship. This was no fluke and he remained a front runner in the formula taking 3rd place in 2004 and 2008. In 2009 Andrew regained the Southern Championship, this time at Aldershot.

Having started his racing career in a Pooley built car it would turn out that his racing would finish in one as well as he raced a rear engine Scorpian in recent seasons.

His pace and consistency over 25 seasons means that he is ranked 4th in the formula's all-time career points totals.