Birmingham Wheels, Saturday 7 September, Midlands Championship

Eighteen drivers made it to the race meeting at Birmingham raceway on Saturday night, to compete in the Midland Championship. Mechanical failures affected several drivers throughout the race meeting, and despite the slippery track conditions the racing was as close as always. The club also saw new and returning drivers take to the track. Simon Johnson #309 and Andrew Bilby #16.

Heat one began with 3 restarts for drivers suffering from mechanical break downs on the first lap. Jack Hodges #55 leading until lap 9, where the blue and the yellow grade drivers caught up. Andy Phillips #888 made a pass on #7 on the final lap to take the win.

In heat two we saw a cleaner race to begin with. Midway through the race Gordon Pooley #33 suffered a mechanical failure on the exit of turn 2, all drivers showed there skill in avoidance of the stranded car and each other whilst still racing for positions. Heat 2 was won by Peter Gillett #27.

The Midland Championship grid had drivers remain in graded order, however now starting two car lengths behind each other. This really bunched the field together from lap 1. John Faggetter #214 lead into the first corner followed by Jack Hodges #55 followed by Michael Sutch #4. Dave Bonser then took an early lead and kept the lead until the end of the race, following pressure from Jonathan Pooley #31 and Steve Sutch #40. The only retirement was unfortunately Andy Phillips #888 who had been looking strong all day.

Again, the Grand Prix Midget club provided a great spectacle of close hard racing and continue there push to be the most prestigious non-contact formula on the ovals. The clubs next race meeting takes them back to Swaffham Raceway for the East of England Championship, on Sunday 22 September.

Heat one: 1st 888 Andy Phillips, 2nd 7 Campbell McSausage, 3rd 33 Gordon Pooley, 4th 31 Jonathan Pooley, 5th 27 Peter Gillett, 6th 40 Steve Sutch, 7th 55 Jack Hodges, 8th 4 Michael Sutch, 9th 214 John Faggetter, 10th 3 Leon Smith, 11th 10 David Bonser, 12th 77 Neil Clarke, 13th 513 Roy Slocombe, 14th 16 Andrew Bilby, 15th 309 Simon Johnson
DNF: Michael Beech, Tony Smith, Allen Herbert
Fastest lap: Andy Phillips, 13.961

Heat two: 1st 27 Peter Gillett, 2nd 40 Steve Sutch, 3rd 10 David Bonser, 4th 888 Andy Phillips, 5th 55 Jack Hodges, 6th 4 Michael Sutch, 7th 7 Campbell McSausage, 8th 3 Leon Smith, 9th 31 Jonathan Pooley, 10th 16 Andrew Bilby, 11th 37 Tony Smith, 12th 513 Roy Slocombe, 13th 214 John Faggetter, 14th 309 Simon Johnson
Fastest lap: David Bonser. 14.251

Final (Midland Championship): 1st 10 David Bonser, 2nd 31 Jonathan Pooley, 3rd 40 Steve Sutch, 4th 4, 5th 27 Peter Gillett, 6th 3 Leon Smith, 7th 7 Campbell McSausage, 8th 55 Jack Hodges, 9th 37 Tony Smith, 10th 214 John Faggetter, 11th 16 Andrew Bilby, 12th 513 Roy Slocombe, 13th 309 Simon Johnson
DNF: Andy Phillips
Fastest lap: Andy Phillips, 13.875