Sunday 6 October 2019, Birmingham, National Championship

Heat one was an incident free race. Jamie Young #595 took the lead on lap 2 and kept the lead all the way until the end. This was a welcome sight to the club as Jamie had been suffering from mechanical problems all year.

Heat one: 1st 595 Jamie Young, 2nd 32 Daniel Pooley, 3rd 888 Andy Phillips, 4th 101 Francois Damen, 5th 31 Jonathan Pooley. 6th 37 Tony Smith, 7th 40 Steve Sutch, 8th 27 Peter Gillett, 9th 55 Jack Hodges, 10th 3 Leon Smith, 11th 4 Michael Sutch, 12th 77 Neil Clarke, 13th 16 Andrew Bilby, 14th 309 Simon Johnson. DNF: Liam Barry, David Bonser, John Faggetter. Fastest lap: Andy Phillips, 14.073s

Jamie Young #595 unfortunately could not repeat his impressive drive from heat one, he suffered a mechanical breakdown early on in the race. Francois #101 and Andy Phillips #88 battled for first place until an unfortunate incident saw Andy Phillips facing the wrong way on turn 3. Tony Smith #37 took the win for heat 2.

Heat two: 1st 37 Tony Smith, 2nd 31 Jonathan Pooley, 3rd 101 Francois Damen, 4th 32 Daniel Pooley, 5th 2, 6th 55 Jack Hodges, 7th 40 Steve Sutch, 8th 4 Michael Sutch, 9th 77 Neil Clarke, 10th 3 Leon Smith, 11th 16 Andrew Bilby, 12th 888 Andy Phillips, 13th 309 Simon Johnson. DNF: Peter Gillett, John Faggetter, David Bonser, Jamie Young. Fastest lap: Andy Phillips, 14.091s

Fourteen drivers started the final race of the day, to compete for the national championship. Andy Phillips took the lead on lap 3 and remained there for the rest of the race, setting the fastest lap of the day in the process. Johnathan Pooley #31 and Steve Sutch #40 battled for 2nd place for almost the entire race. Jonathan just beating Steve by 0.3 of a second across the line.

National Championship: 1st 888 Andy Phillips, 2nd 31 Jonathan Pooley, 3rd 40 Steve Sutch, 4th 55 Jack Hodges, 5th 3 Leon Smith, 6th 4 Michael Sutch, 7th 37 Tony Smith, 8th 16 Andrew Bilby, 9th 101 Francois Damen, 10th 77 Neil Clarke, 11th 309 Simon Johnson. DNF: Liam Barry, John Faggetter, David Bonser. Fastest lap: Andy Phillips (13.895)