Sunday 30 June 2019, Aldershot, Bill Boarer Trophy

Our one and only meeting at Aldershot this year did not disappoint, with some of the closest, cleanest and most exciting racing of the year. The short 350m track did not take away from the action on track, with overtaking and wheel to wheel racing being the order of the day.

The Racing: The first 2 races of the day were fast and clean with all drivers finishing the races and everyone on the pace from the drop of the flag. Every driver on track was involved at some point in side by side racing, fighting for position. The final contained the only major incident of the day, a 6 car pile up in the first corner. Luckily everyone was okay and walked away from the incident. However, this didnít put off any of the drivers from going wheel to wheel once more to win the final.

Overall: The racing at Aldershot was some of the best all season, given the number of drivers on one of our shortest tracks. A real crowd pleaser, showing a variety of side and rear engine cars of all different designs going wheel to wheel.

Race one: 1st 88 Marcel Berndt, 2nd 64 Michael Beech, 3rd 59 Steve Young, 4th 3 Leon Smith, 5th 4 Michael Sutch, 6th 888 Andy Phillips, 7th 513 Roy Slocombe, 8th 17 Thomas Gray, 9th 93 Alan Forster, 10th 10 David Bonser, 11th 208 Andy Collins, 12th 55 Jack Hodges, 13th 214 John Faggeter, 14th 13 Matthew Munson, 15th 2 Liam Barry, 16th 76 Allen Herbert. Fastest lap: Andy Phillips 13.597

Race two: 1st 595 Jamie Young, 2nd 59 Steve Young, 3rd 888 Andy Phillips, 4th 31 Jonathan Pooley, 5th 64 Michael Beech, 6th 513 Roy Slocombe, 7th 208 Andy Collins, 8th 10 David Bonser, 9th 4 Michael Sutch, 10th 55 Jack Hodges, 11th 17 Thomas Gray, 12th 214 John Faggeter, 13th 13 Matthew Munson, 14th 76 Allen Herbert. DNF: Alan Forster, Leon Smith, Liam Barry. DQ: Marcel Berndt. Fastest lap: Steve Young 13.416

Race three (Bill Boarer Trophy): 1st Steve Young, 2nd 31 Jonathan Pooley, 3rd 93 Alan Forster, 4th 888 Andy Phillips, 5th 4 Michael Sutch, 6th 10 David Bonser, 7th 64 Michael Beech, 8th 55 Jack Hodges, 9th 37 Tony Smith, 10th 17 Thomas Gray, 11th 208 Andy Collins, 12th 13 Matthew Munson, 13th 214 John Faggeter. DNF: Jamie Young, Leon Smith, Allen Herbert, Marcel Berndt, Roy Slocombe. Fastest lap: Steve Young: 13.299