Saturday 7 June 2014, Birmingham Wheels, Rycroft Plumbing Trophy

Peter Bourne took up the lead from Carl Checkley as the cars headed for turn one in race one. Carl took over the lead going down the back straight. Mark Hodges was quick of the mark and was soon up with the leaders, meanwhile Leon Smith who had not lined up at the back of the blue grade made a bad start which compromised Dave Bonser`s good start in getting ahead of his rivals in the red grade and had to brake hard as to miss Leon that let Nick Price and Jonathan Pooley by.

Lap 4 and Mark Hodges was now leading from Carl Checkley while Neil Clarke was now up to 3rd with Gordon Pooley close behind, Nick Price took Pete Dorrell going on the outside of turn 3-4, Leon Smith was doing well in keeping Jonathan Pooley behind at this stage of the race while laying in 6th place.

6 to go now Mark had his mirrors full of Gordon Pooley, Neil Clarke and Nick Price cars, Gordon made his move for the lead going down the back straight. Nick lost some ground on the first three going through turn 4 as they got bunched up and just touch wheels, Neil lost 4th place to Jonathan Pooley on turn two who set about catching Mark Hodges in 3rd which he did with a 2 laps to go, Gordon held on to take the win from a pressuring Nick Price.

1st 33 Gordon Pooley, 2nd 34 Nick Price, 3rd 31 Jonathan Pooley, 4th 77 Neil Clarke, 5th 10 Dave Bonser, 6th 5 Mark Hodges, 7th 3 Leon Smith, 8th 16 Andrew Bilby, 9th 8 Peter Dorrell

As in heat one Peter Bourne took up the lead in race two with Carl Checkley slipping in behind, Mark Hodges had caught Carl within a lap but going through turn two the back end let go putting Carl in a spin and to the rear of the field, Neil Clarke and Daniel Pooley was now up with Mark Hodges who was challenging for the lead with Peter, Dave Bonser was giving Jonathan Pooley a hard time again with Jon just keeping ahead, Gordon seemed to be having trouble as he slipped down the field after his car looked so quick in race one. Pete Dorrell was side by side with Leon Smith who eventually got by Pete. Marc de Lands evening ended with a retirement to the infield with lack of power and a sticking throttle.

Daniel took up the lead from Mark by lap 11, and while Neil was planning his assault on Mark to try to find away pass for second place Nick Price took his opportunity and dived up on the inside of Neil and just squeezed his way through and a lap later took Mark H for 2nd. Lap 13 and Neil Clarke/ Dave Bonser/and Jonathan Pooley were behind Mark who found himself down to 6th within a lap, Dave Bonser took Neil but Neil fought back but in doing so allowed Jonathan to close in and he just missed the rear of the 77 car as Jons car did not slow down for turn 1. Andrew Bilby was having a good tussle with Pete Dorrell with Andrew coming out on top. Back at the front it was Daniel who took the win for heat two.

1st 32 Daniel Pooley, 2nd 34 Nick Price, 3rd 10 Dave Bonser, 4th 77 Neil Clarke, 5th 31 Jonathan Pooley, 6th 5 Mark Hodges, 7th 3 Leon Smith, 8th 33 Gordon Pooley, 9th 16 Andrew Bilby

Carl Checkley made it out to the track for the final but lost all electrics due to a flat battery just as the cars set off for their warm up laps, That left Peter Bourne to take up the lead for the final race of the evening but he was soon under pressure from Mark Hodges then came Neil Clarke. Pete Dorrell had some sort of mechanical trouble as he slipped to the rear of the field, Leon found the rumble strips exiting turn 4 which put him in a spin and to the rear of the field and a lap down as Mark Hodges went by. Andrew Bilby was doing well to hold of a swarm of Scorpion cars lead by the charging Dave Bonser after a couple of laps though they were all by, Daniel was forced to retire with an inside front flat tyre.

Mark was still leading from Neil Clarke though they had Dave Bonser and Nick Price closing fast. Neil went wide on turn 2 and Dave was by on lap 10. two laps later he was leading as they crossed the start finish line. Neil lost third place when he was trying to pass Leon who was a lap down as Nick Price and Jonathan Pooley went up on the inside, But Jon then went wide and Neil regained that place, down the back straight they were side by side with Jon on the inside he had the advantage but midway through turn 3-4 somehow both cars touched sending Jon backwards across the rumble strips and Neil followed in forwards but managed to rejoin a lap down leaving Jonathan Stranded and out. Dave was still out front and controlling the gap to Nick Price Gordon was laying in 5th place when he spun out on turn 2 and out of the race, Dave had controlled the race as he had done in a fair few this season, with Nick Price coming home in a good second place and Mark Hodges third.

Rycroft Plumbing Trophy: 1st 10 Dave Bonser, 2nd 34 Nick Price, 3rd 5 Mark Hodges, 4th 16 Andrew Bilby, 5th 35 Peter Bourne, 6th 3 Leon Smith, 7th 8 Peter Dorrell, 8th 77 Neil Clarke