Sunday 22 September, Aldershot
Bill Boarer Trophy

Race 1 - Neil Clarke took up the lead from Tony Smith and Andrew Bilby. Cliff Bunn was first of the blue graders followed by Nick Price and Marc de Land, Nick only managed a lap before one of the rocker fingers broke on his engine and he retired to the in field. Tom Keep made a lightening start to pass Gordon Pooley in the red grade, Daniel and Jonathan Pooley were not to far behind.

By lap 4 Tony took up the lead by going around the outside of Neil Clarke on turn four, but this was short lived as there was a large cloud of smoke by the end of the straight as a oil hose burst and that was Tony out. Marc de Land was having a hard time trying to find a way pass Pete Dorrell who had loads of power up the straights, Cliff Bunn was giving Andrew Bilby a tough time fighting over third place,

Lap 9 and the whole field was bunch up together with Neil keeping them at bay out front, while the other drivers were battling each other this was helping Neil, Cliff Bunn went to the outside to pass Andrew but found he could not get back to the inside as the field of cars stayed nose to tail and Cliff slipped down the order, Tom Keep meanwhile powered round the outside of Marc de Land to take fourth place, Daniel Pooley thought he would have a go at Marc and once or twice they came together but no 15 just held on to his place, with 5 to go Pete Dorrell went wide going through turn two and that let Tom get along the inside of Pete, he then braked late to dive up the inside of Andrew who seemed a bit surprised to see no 46 there but second place was now Toms. Marc took advantage of Pete being on the outside and moved up a place going through turn 3-4.

Three to go and Tom was up with Neil and going into turn 3 just drove around the outside of Neil as though he was on rails into the lead and pulled clear of the chasing pack. The battle for second place continued with Neil fending off Andrew and inches behind was Marc and Daniel side by side, Gordon, Pete and Cliff were all together waiting for a mistake from the cars ahead with Jonathan still behind Cliff.

Last lap with Neil still holding second from Andrew still along side there was nothing between them as they entered the final turns, Andrew got great traction on the exit and at the line by millimetres Mr Bilby snatched second, a very good drive from both drivers, But the first win of the day went to Tom Keep

Heat 1 1st 46 Tom Keep, 2nd 16 Andrew Bilby, 3rd 77 Neil Clarke, 5th 15 Marc de Land, 6th 32 Daniel Pooley, 7th 33 Gordon Pooley, 8th 31 Jonathan Pooley, 9th 8 Peter Dorrell, 10th 23 Clifford Bunn

Race 2 - We had lost Nick Price and Tony Smith for heat two due to mechanical trouble, The Bangers who raced before us had left the track far from ideal so cement dust had been put down where any fluid had gone on the track.

Neil Clarke was once again the early leader from Andrew Bilby, Cliff Bunn was the first blue grader from Pete Dorrell and Marc de Land, Gordon Pooley lead the red graders from Daniel Pooley Tom Keep and Jonathan Pooley. Lap 4, Neil had pulled clear out front, then came Andrew Bilby who was trying to hold off Cliff Bunn, eight car lengths back was Pete Dorrell who was defending fourth spot from Marc de Land, Marc could get along side Pete but was unable to keep there around the corners and lost ground, By now Gordon Pooley and fellow red graders had closed in on this battle,.

Lap 7. Cliff finally after two laps of being side by side with Andrew got a good exit out of turn four and passed Andrew up the home straight, Gordon boxed Marc behind Pete who had now caught Andrew, for a lap Gordon stayed on the out side line, then down the back straight into turn three he braked late but went out on the cement dust then spun round then coasted backward into the fence damaging his suspension. The race continued for a couple of laps then stopped so Gordon could get out of his car, on the rolling restart Neil pulled clear of Cliff with three laps to go, Marc was battling with Pete but had Daniel all over the rear of his car, Pete stayed out wide going up the home straight so Marc braked late and dived up on the inside and took up fourth and a gap from Daniel, two to go Cliff was now all over the rear of Neil`s car, Daniel managed to pass Pete while Marc managed to get along side Andrew but lost a bit of momentum as he exited turn 2 Daniel got a bit to excited in trying to get on the inside of Marc and nudged him out wide and made the pass.

Last lap . Cliff was along side Neil down the back straight but like Gordon went out on the dust around turn 3 - 4 and lost traction that allowed Neil to pull clear and take the win, Cliff nearly lost second to a fast closing Daniel at the line. Well done Mr Clarke who hung on under losts of pressure from Cliff.

Heat 2 1st 77 Neil Clarke, 2nd 23 Clifford Bunn, 3rd 32 Daniel Pooley, 4th 16 Andrew Bilby, 5th 15 Marc de Land, 6th 46 Tom Keep, 7th 8 Peter Dorrell, 8th 31 Jonathan Pooley.

Bill Boarer Trophy - Once again Neil got the lead before turn one from Andrew, Cliff was pass Pete Dorrell by the start finish line while Marc de Land dived to the inside of Pete to Take fourth through turn one. Daniel made a good start to get ahead of Tom Keep and Jonathan Pooley.

End of lap two and Marc was up to third and chasing down Andrew Bilby. Dan got a bit side ways going through turn 3-4 and that allowed Tom to close in, lap later and they were behind Pete Dorrell Dan took Pete down the back straight then Tom got along side through turn 4 and made the pass on the home straight.

Lap six and Marc was struggling to find away pass Andrew, while Dan and Tom got by Cliff down the back straight, now Marc was in sight and closing fast, Next lap and Marc was pass Andrew and up to second then set about catching Neil, Daniel made light work of passing Andrew then Tom took him the next lap, Lap later and Marc was up with Neil and looking to take the lead, going into turn three with Marc was on the out side of Neil so Daniel took up the space on the inside so Marc could not get back in, exiting turn four Daniel found him self boxed in behind Neil, Marc then just got his nose in front but braked a little to late and drifted wide, through turn 1-2 and it was on the exit that Dan went for a gap that was not really there but squeezed between Neil and Marc and into the lead, Tom followed through up to second, the two leaders pulled clear, but after 6 hard laps the caution flag came out as Pete Dorrell had damaged his car and was blocking the track. On the rolling restart Dan got the better start though Tom had made up the gap a lap later so it was as you were with now Tom getting along side but not managing to make it stick, One man who did was Jonathan Pooley who took advantage when putting Marc under three laps of pressure and as he slipped wide took up third, though Marc was not going to let Jonathan have it all his own way and then did the same to him for the next three laps, back up front with three to go Tom set a new lap record in his bid to beat Daniel and he got his nose in front going down the back straight but could not keep the place around turn three, Two to go and through turn 1-2 he was along side down the back straight still there and then at the end of the straight the two cars touch sending both cars spinning and Daniel up and across Toms bonnet, while Tom slid backwards into the fencing. Daniel managed to get going but the race was stopped as Tom was helped from his car, It was noticed that petrol was leaking from the car so as there was only one lap to go to the finish the race was declared and with Dan / Tom in the accident that moved every one up two places, With Jonathan taking the win from Marc de Land, but there was a big surprise for Neil Clarke as he was promoted to third.

Bill Boarer Trophy 1st 31 Jonathan Pooley, 2nd 15 Marc de Land, 3rd 77 Neil Clarke, 4th 16 Andrew Bilby, 5th 23 Clifford Bunn. NOF