Sunday 1 September. Yarmouth
Derek Kisby Trophy

Neil Clarke shot straight into the lead from Andrew Bilby and Tony Smith, only two blue graded cars made to Yarmouth and Marc de Land got the better start over Cliff Bunn. Tom Keep got ahead of Dave Bonser who had Daniel Pooley and Steve Young on his tail, Jonathan Pooley was bringing up the rear.

By lap 3 Neil was still leading but now had Tony Smith in second and started to challenge no 77 for first place, Marc de Land managed to nip up on the inside of Andrew Bilby going through turn 1 / 2 as Andrew went a little wide, Just as the leading four cars got on the back straight the yellow flags came out as a car had gone into the fencing, Steve Young was the unlucky driver as he found his throttle had stuck at the end of the straight and collided with the fence, the race was stopped while Steve was helped out of the car by track marshals and the medical team who done a great job, Thanks to those involved.

On the rolling restart Neil had the lead, Tony tried to get his nose on the inside as they came out of turn 2 but Neil slammed that door as the cars nearly came together. A man on a mission was Daniel Pooley who was laying in 7th after the restart but he made light work of Dave Bonser, Cliff Bunn and Andrew Bilby but was finding things a little tougher with Marc, So now we had the first four all together and it took 7 laps and a couple of wheel banging sessions but Daniel was through and up to third. Dave Bonser was now closing in on the leaders as they were holding each other up, Daniel had had enough of sitting behind Tony and decided to go round the outside going into turn one, but on the exit Dan got a bit to enthusiastic and banged into Tony putting him on the rumble strips this slowed him a little and that allowed Marc through to third, A lap later and Daniel took up the lead and started to pull clear, it took Marc two more laps to find away pass Neil Clarke, Jonathan Pooley was up to 5th behind Tony Smith. Further down the field Andrew Bilby Cliff Bunn Tom Keep and Dave Bonser were having a great tussle some good close racing with Tom eventually taking fourth place. The win went to Daniel Pooley

1st 32 Daniel Pooley, 2nd 15 Marc de Land, 3rd 31 Jonathan Pooley, 4th 46 Tom Keep, 5th 10 David Bonser, 6th 77 Neil Clarke, 7th 23 Clifford Bunn, 8th 37 Tony Smith. DNF: Andrew Bilby, Steve Young

In race two Neil Clarke was the early leader from Andrew Bilby, on lap two Neil was a little bit slow on the throttle exiting turn 2 and Andrew had the front of his car rearranged by the Neils rear tyre. Marc de Land was closing in the front two while Cliff Bunn was trying to fend off the red graded cars lead by Tom Keep, and Tom tried a move on Cliff by going round the out side of turn 3 but there was no grip there due to the fine grains of sand and slid out wide that allowed Jonathan Pooley Dave Bonser and Daniel Pooley by in his inside.

Back at the front on lap 4 and Neil went wide, Andrew dived up on the inside for the lead, Marc de Land took advantage and shoved the front end of the 15 car on Neils inside so Mr Clarke could not close the door and Marc was up to second. The next 8 laps Andrew and Marc battled away for the lead, Marc getting along side or his nose in front but then dropping back on the bends, But while this was going on Jonathan Pooely and Dave Bonser closed in for some of the action, Jonathan dived up the inside of Marc but Andrew was blocking his path by holding the inside line.

Start of lap 12 and Marc managed to take the lead and Jonathan followed Marc through for second. These two pulled away as Andrew now had his mirrors full of Dave Bonser`s car who now had Tom Keep Cliff Bunn and Daniel Pooley just behind him. Back up front and Jonathan was trying everything to put Marc under pressure, side by side they battled Marc went more defensive in doing so allowed Dave Bonser to catch Jonathan, Last lap and there was nothing between the first three, Jonathan lined him self up on the outside as they started the last lap going down the back straight JP just got his nose in line with Marc`s, as they came onto the home straight it was a drag race to the line, and Marc held on by an inch to take the win, Some good close clean racing which race goers enjoyed.

1st 15 Marc de Land, 2nd 31 Jonathan Pooley, 3rd David Bonser, 4th 32 Daniel Pooley, 5th 46 Tom Keep, 6th 16 Andrew Bilby, 7th 23 Clifford Bunn, 8th 77 Neil Clarke

Tony Smith had repaired his car and was out for the final race of the evening, Neil once again made the better start to lead from Andrew and Tony, The race was stopped while on lap one as Tom Keep and Dave Bonser had a coming together while Dave was on the outside of Tom on the exit of turn three. Dave came of the worse as he was nudged towards the fence post and broke his steering. There was a full restart and it was as you were with Neil leading, Jonathan Pooley took advantage of Toms cold tyres and took that place down the back straight to slip in behind Daniel and in the chase of Cliff Bunn,

Lap 4. Marc de Land dived up the inside of Tony Smith going into turn three and just behind was Daniel and Jonathan Cliff Bunn was trying to hold off Tom but he lost that place on lap 5. Marc was finding it hard going trying to find away pass Neil and Andrew who were both keeping tight lines, But with Daniel breathing down Marc`s exhaust pipe he switch to the outside line and for three laps drove around the front two Daniel and Jonathan followed through, these three pulled away and Daniel went a little wide going through turns 1 and 2 Jonathan went to go for the inside and found him self bouncing over the rumble strips as Daniel slammed the door but he carried to much speed going into turn 3 and this allowed Jonathan through up to second, which became first two laps later. Daniel closed in on Marc and these two diced for position and after a couple of laps Marc cracked up the pressure and Dan was through.

Tom Keep was now past Neil Clarke and up to fourth and started to close in on Marc.

Three laps to go and Neil Clarke and Cliff Bunn tangled going through turn 1, everyone missed the stricken cars, Cliff retired but Neil got going again though a lap down, but the following lap in the same place as Tom was going round the outside Neil found himself suddenly facing the infield again as they came together, Tom carried on in his pursuit of Marc. Jonathan took the win by a car length over Daniel, Marc held on for third.

The Kisby family presented trophy to the top three.

Derek Kisby Trophy: 1st 31 Jonathan Pooley, 2nd 32 Daniel Pooley, 3rd 15 Marc de Land, 4th 46 Tom Keep, 5th 16 Andrew Bilby, 6th 23 Clifford Bunn, 7th Neil Clarke. DNF: Tony Smith