Simon Pashley Trophy

Well what a difference a week makes weather wise. Last Saturday at Birmingham we are in t-shirts shorts etc this week at Buxton its cold wet and windy and out with the winter warmers.

Race 1 - Mark Hodges failed to make it out of the pits due to a flat battery. Jack Hodges took up the lead from Tony Smith at the green flag. Andrew Bilby was the first blue grader from Nick Price and Marc de Land. Gordon Pooley was the leading the red graders from Cliff Bunn, Daniel Pooley, Dave Bonser and Jonathan Pooley. By the end of lap 1 Gordon had caught and pass Nick Price and was on the rear of Andrews car in which he passed going into lap 2, also on that lap Marc de Land was passing Tony Smith for second place, Young Jack was length of a straight ahead of Marc, and by the end of lap 3 Marc dived up the inside of Jack for the lead.

Dave Bonser was up to third by lap 5 while Gordon now in second and was closing the gap to Marc with a couple of quick lap times, but now back markers were coming into play, Marc was able to pass a couple of cars down the back straight, Gordon though who caught them a lap later had sit behind them both going into turns 1 & 2 and that let Marc pull away. Midway through the race and there was a surprise for the leaders and they exited turn 4 to come onto the home straight to find Daniel Pooley facing them and reversing down the straight as he had spun him self out. Another driver not having much luck was Nick Price as he retired to the infield with a broken Rocker finger causing engine to run on three cylinders.

Cliff Bunn was keeping with Andrew Bilby but could not make any in roads in passing him, Jack was going well in the wet conditions and keeping a good gap to Andrew, Dave Bonser lost out on third to Jonathan Pooley on lap 14 as his car started to misfire, (water in the electrics) but out front and taking the first race of the day Marc de Land with Gordon just 4 car lengths behind in second.

1/M.de Land 2/G.Pooley 3/J.Pooley 4/D.Bonser 5/J.Hodges 6/A.Bilby 7/C.Bunn 8.T.Smith

Race 2 - Three cars failed to make it out for this one, Nick Price (engine) Dave Bonser (Electrical) and Cliff Bunn (Sticking throttle)

So to the race and Jack Hodges took up the lead from Tony Smith and Mark Hodges, Marc de Land managed to pass Andrew Bilby at the start and set about chasing down the leaders, Gordon was leading the red grade with Daniel and Jonathan Pooley just behind. By lap 3 Marc took up the lead from Jack Hodges, Gordon got caught out with the standing water and found him self spinning out that handed Jonathan third place. Daniel was now up to 4th but he to over cooked it and spun out, that gave Gordon a place back and two laps later that became third when he past Jack who was holding his own in these conditions, Tony Smith was keeping ahead of Andrew Bilby while Mark Hodges slipped down the order.

Lap 7 as Marc came up to some back markers Jonathan had closed right in behind no 15, Going into turn one Marc sat behind Andrew, as they exited turn two Marc was expecting Andrew to take the racing line and prepared to dive up the inside, But he did not and Jonathan took his chance and boxed Marc behind Andrew by driving around the outside both of them and up to first, In the closing stages Gordon closed the gap to second place but the laps run out, Jack and Daniel battled away with Jack just taking 4th place at the flag, So it was Jonathan took heat two.

1/J.Pooley 2/M.de Land 3/G.Pooley 4/J.Hodges 5/D.Pooley 6/T.Smith 7/A.Bilby 8/M.Hodges

Final ( Simon Pashley Cup) - With heavy rain just before the start there was plenty of standing water which was going to make driving conditions far from ideal.

Jack again was the early leader and was pulling clear of Tony Smith and Mark Hodges who was finding some water had started to get to his electrics as an intermittent misfire started, Marc de Land was pass Andrew Bilby and soon behind Mark Hodges, Gordon Pooley was again the quickest man on the track and by lap 3 he was up to third place but not to far behind him was Jonathan and Daniel Pooley, Cliff Bunn had dropped back from this pack, Marc had now caught Jack who was putting up a fight for the lead and a lap later Marc finally found away by on the outside of the home straight.

Lap 6 and Gordon lost it on the exit of turn 4 and found him self spinning towards the infield and out of third place as Jonathan, Daniel, Andrew and Tony Smith all went by.

Mark Hodges retired as his cars electrics gave up on lap 11. Jack was still in second place and looking for a top three finish though he had Jonathan just behind him, for a couple laps these two fought side by side then there was a splutter coming from Jack car and Jonathan was through, two laps later Daniel was up to third as Jacks engine went silent and he coasted to the infield, Gordon was up to fourth with Tony Smith and Andrew Bilby having there own private battle for fifth, Cliff Bunn was a length of a straight behind them. With 3 to go Marc was behind Daniel who not wanting to go a lap down tried to close the gap to Jonathan, but going into turn one had a bit of under steer and Marc was by up the inside, on the last lap Marc caught Jonathan going into turn 3-4 and as they crossed the line side by side.

Marc took the win by just under lap from Jonathan, with Daniel in third.

1/M.de Land 2/J.Pooley 3/D.Pooley 4/G.Pooley 5/T.Smith 6/A.Bilby 7/C.Bunn