Sunday 16 June, Northampton
European Championship

Jonathan Pooley took the European title for the third time when the race was run at Northampton. Steve Young took his first wins in the SJR-Peugeot in the heats.

European Championship

The cars lined up in points order as qualified for through out the year, Jonathan Pooley (31) was again on pole and was looking favourite though Dave Dollin (44) who had managed second on the grid could pull a surprise. So to the race and at the green flag Jonathan just got his nose in front going into turn one from Dave Dollin, Gordon Pooley (33) also just got ahead of Dave Bonser (10) to take up thirds place, Mark Hodges (5) was pass Cliff Bine (23) by the exit of turn 2, Pete Dorrell (8) got a bit bogged down at the start to allow Marc de Land (15) to have ago down the inside but with Darren Clarke (83) to the out side of Pete three cars going into turn one was not going to go and with a little nudge Marc de Land found himself on the infield as Pete closed that door. By lap 2 Dave Dollin seemed to be having some sort of trouble as his car slowed, this allowed Gordon / Daniel Pooley (32) and then Dave Bonser to get pass, so now it was Pooley built cars in the first four places, The field was soon spread out as Jonathan was in a class of his own and was soon lapping back markers and making light work of them, some cars were having handling problems as the track had a few pot holes on turn three and four but it did not seem to affect the leader, Pete Dorrell / Darren Clarke and Marc de Land were still battling away together as from the first lap with all three re-passing each other for the final points places, Neil Clarke (77) was struggling with the wrong gearing, Daniel Pooley looking comfortable in third but going through turns three and four managed to spin him self out and then found himself down in 9th, this allowed Dave Bonser to take advantage. At the flag it was a very convincing win by Jonathan Pooley well clear of Gordon and Dave Bonser to regain the European Championship, on this performance Jonathan could be on for another world final win. Is there any one to give him a run for his money? Well done Jonathan

European Championship: 1st 31 Jonathan Pooley, 2nd 33 Gordon Pooley, 3rd 10 Dave Bonser, 4th 5 Mark Hodges, 5th 8 Peter Dorrell, 6th 32 Daniel Pooley, 7th 15 Marc de Land, 8th 83 Darren Clark

Race 2 heat 1

Jack Hodges was the early leader from the white grade, Steve Young (59) made light work in passing Neil Clarke (77) and Tony Smith (37) by the time they were on the back straight, Cliff Bunn (23) was the leading blue grader with Pete Dorrell (8) and Darren Clarke (83) were close behind, Mark Hodges (5) was the first of the red graders with Marc de Land (15) along side going into turn three, Gordon Pooley (33) got ahead of Daniel Pooley (32), Dave Bonser (10) was next up Jonathan Pooley (31) managed to pass Dave Dollin (44) who was not having one of his best meeting, what with the fuel problems from race one.

Lap 4 and Steve took the lead from Jack and half a lap later Tony was pass Jack for second. Neil Clarke had his mirrors full of blue graders as he entered the back straight, Pete Dorrell made it three wide going into turn three but drifted out wide and was unable to make the move stick but he tried again the next lap, and on lap 7 most of the cars were bunched up down the home straight cars were three wide but going into turn one Gordon found him self shoved over the inner curbing and lost four places, Cliff Bunn also took a knock and later retired to the infield, Through all the traffic Darren Clarke found himself up to second with Daniel Pooley to third, But these two were not going to catch Steve who had pulled out a long lead. Dave Dollins bad meeting took another knock when he got tangled up with Jack Hodges at the end of the back straight, both cars continued though a lap down. But the win went to Steve Young who seemed to be getting the Peugeot Nimrod back on song.

Race two (heat one): 1st 59 Steve Young, 2nd 83 Darren Clark, 3rd 32 Daniel Pooley, 4th 31 Jonathan Pooley, 5th 10 Dave Bonser, 6th 5 Mark Hodges, 7th 33 Gordon Pooley, 8th 77 Neil Clarke

Race 3 heat 2

And this race started wet with a long light shower, so some cars went out on wets while a couple tried slicks hoping it would dry out. Jack Hodges took up the lead with Neil Clarke in second, Steve Young was again looking quick as he took Neil down the back straight and set about catching Jack. Cliff Bunn had repaired his car and took Darren Clarke on the home straight, Pete Dorrell was finding the slippery conditions a bit difficult as he fell in to the clutch of the red grade, the first of which was being lead by Dave Bonser, Mark Hodges was keeping up with Dave though he was on slicks but Gordon found away through as Mark went wide exiting turn four as that part of the track was not at its best, By lap four there was a dry line forming and the cars started to get quicker. Lap 6 and a rare retirement for Jonathan Pooley who had a broken drive shaft, Neil Clarke was going well, fourth place in these damp conditions that was until lap 10 when after going through turn 3 and 4 on which was on the bumpy part of the circuit his front upright broke send Neil straight in the wall, he was ok just a bit annoyed about his car, the race was stopped while the stricken 77 car was removed, on the rolling restart Steve pulled clear of the chasing pack though two laps later Keith Minshall (63) spun on turn one and as he was partly blocking the track the pace car came out for a second time. Rolling restart and with only three to run it was going to be a dash to the finish, Steve Young was away out front from Darren Clarke, Jack Hodges had a wheel to wheel battle with his dad (Mark) for two laps and held out to take a good third place. Steve Young took his second win of the afternoon.

Race three (heat two): 1st 59 Steve Young, 2nd 83 Darren Clark, 3rd 17 Jack Hodges, 4th 5 Mark Hodges, 5th 32 Daniel Pooley, 6th 33 Gordon Pooley, 7th 10 Dave Bonser, 8th 44 Dave Dollin