Sunday 11 August, Northampton
Graham Hill Trophy

Race control were being very strict and told the drivers over there head sets that they were being watched for jump starts etc. So over to Mr starter (Tony Fletcher) and just before he dropped the green flag Nick Price got a little to eager and started to move and took up the lead from Neil Clarke by turn one, Andrew Bilby was leading the blue grader from Mark Hodges, Marc de Land was next with Pete Dorrell and Cliff Bunn just behind, Daniel Pooley made a good start from the red grade to get himself ahead of Tom Keep who found himself bouncing over the rumble strips to the inside of turn 3-4 then came Dave Bonser, Gordon Pooley, Steve Young and Jonathan Pooley.

Lap 2 and de Land tried a move on Hodges going into turn one but ended up sliding out on the marbles this allowed Pete Dorrell and Cliff Bunn past, by the time Marc got himself sorted out on the back straight he had Daniel Pooley and the rest of the red grade all over him. Jonathan Pooley retired to the infield on lap 3, (a rare sight) but brother Daniel was cutting his way through the field and was soon up to third, but out front Nick Price was pulling away and extending his lead over Neil Clarke.

Lap 9 and Daniel and the chasing pack had now caught Neil, Daniel moved to second place on the home straight Tom Keep lost 5th place as he was behind Mark Hodges who was trying to pass Neil Clarke, Gordon thought he had took that place but Neil stayed to the inside and this allowed Mark and Tom to box in Gordon and pass Neil in one swoop, Steve Young tried the same on Gordon but he was not going to be box a third time nice clean driving by all five.

2 to go and Nick was holding his half lap lead over Daniel, Gordon though took both Tom Keep and Mark Hodges as they was holding each other up while fighting for position, But the win went to Nick Price who drove really well.

After the race the stewards docked Nick two places for the jump start and was demoted to third this handed the win to Daniel Pooley.

Heat 1: 1st 32 Daniel Pooley, 2nd 33 Gordon Pooley, 3rd 34 Nick Price, 4th 5 Mark Hodges, 5th 59 Steve Young, 6th 46 Tom Keep, 7th 10 Dave Bonser, 8th 23 Clifford Blunn

No jump starts in race two as Neil and Nick raced into turn one with Neil staying in front as they entered the back straight. Marc de Land made a better start this time as he passed Andrew Bilby and set about the cars in front, Starting lap 2 and Neil was defending his position from Nick Price as the pair go through turns 1 and 2 Nick gets a bit to eager on the throttle and exiting turn 2 slides into the fencing and bounces back onto the straight this did not deter him as the next lap he got it right and took up the lead. Daniel again was working his way up through the field with Gordon just behind, four cars to the rear of the field were having an off day as Andrew Bilby Pete Dorrell Dave Bonser and Jonathan Pooley were all struggling.

Lap 12 and in the bid to catch Nick Price Marc de Land had over heated his tyres as the car was now over steering on the corners, this allowed Daniel and Gordon Pooley to close in, Daniel was all over the rear of no 15 on the last lap and going through turn four Daniel took second, but the win went to Nick Price.

Heat two. 1st 34 Nick Price, 2nd 32 Daniel Pooley, 3rd 15 Marc de Land, 4th 33 Gordon Pooley, 5th 59 Steve Young, 6th 5 Mark Hodges, 7th 23 Clifford Bunn, 8th 46 Tom Keep, 9th 31 Jonathan Pooley, 10th 77 Neil Clarke, 11th Andrew Bilby, 12th Pete Dorrell. DNF: Dave Bonser

Nick went straight into the lead of the Graham Hill Trophy race this time from Neil Clarke, Marc de Land got a better start than race two and was over three car lengths clear of Andrew Bilby by the time they got to the start marshal on the home straight,

Lap 2. And Mark Hodges took Andrew Bilby. Cliff Bunn took up 6th place from Pete Dorrell, All the red graders were still all bunched up and Jonathan Pooley had managed to find away pass Steve Young and Tom Keep.

Lap 4 Pete Dorrell found himself stuck on the out side of a three way battle and going into turn three the back end let go putting Pete in a slight broad side slide and lost four places by the time he got on the home straight. Cliff Bunn was going a lot better this time and found himself in third place as he took Neil Clarke on the back straight but in his mirrors was Daniel Pooley and then the following lap Dan took Cliff for third. Jonathan Pooley retired for a second time of the afternoon.

The cars all got spread out after half distance with Nick hold his length of a straight lead over Marc and Marc holding about the same to Daniel, Steve Young managed to get by Tom Keep in the closing stages after trying for a few laps, Pete Dorrell had a moment going through turn 3 when the back end let go but Pete got the car back under control, So the win went to the quick Nick Price to take his second win of the day, I bet he was well gutted that he made the jump start in heat one so not getting the hat trick of wins.

So it was a new name that goes on the Graham Hill Trophy that of Nick Price.

Graham Hill Trophy: 1st 34 Nick Price, 2nd 15 Marc de Land, 3rd 32 Daniel Pooley, 4th 23 Clifford Bunn, 5th 33 Gordon Pooley, 6th 5 Mark Hodges, 7th 59 Steve Young, 8th 46 Tom Keep, 9th 77 Neil Clarke, 10th Andrew Bilby. DNF Jonathan Pooley