Saturday 27 April, Arena Essex
Jet Fuels Cup, report by Dave Bonser

Impressive turn out of cars including Steve Young in his brand new car the SJR-Peugeot. Also making his 2013 debut was Daz Rycroft whilst Darren Clark had his first outing in the ex Derek Hawes Dastle.

Heat 1 As Steve Young debuts his new SJR-peugeot he chose to start at the back of the grid. Tony Smith and Pete Dorrell make up the front row from yellow grade with Pete taking the lead from the drop of the flag with an impressive clutch start. Dave Bonser was the leading blue grader with Daz Rycroft and Andrew Bilby closely behind. Darren Clark took the advantage leading the reds grades as Neil Clarke had a poor start dropping him to the back of the field. At the end of lap 2 Bonser took up second place from Tony with Pete half the home straight infront. On lap 3 The red graders are carving their way through the field as Daz loses positions on the exit of turn 2 dropping to 9th. Lap 5 sees Bilby into 3rd place with D. Clark and Dollin side by side closely behind. Jonathan Pooley makes ground closing in on the chasing pack in 8th place,while brother Daniel retires to the infield with a puncture. On lap 6 Dollin was all over the back of Bilby trying to find away passed into 3rd,while exiting turn 4 Jonathan goes round the outside of the pack moving into 4th place. Lap 8 Pete maintains his gap from Bonser with Jonathan in 3rd now in hot pursuit of the leaders. The red graders all jostle for position as they try to make there way past Bilby. On lap 10 Jonathan makes a pass on Bonser on turn 1 taking up second place. Pete leads by a cars length as back markers are thrown in the mix. With 4 to go Dollin makes a move on the outside of Bilby but his efforts are in vain as it causes him to spin. Jonathan is now side by side with Pete as they move their way through the back markers of Cliff Bunn, Daz and Steve Young. In the final stages Jonathan tries many times to pass Pete around the outside with Bonser on their tails waiting for a mistake but Petes experience shows by keeping the inside line well guarded and manages to hold on to take a well deserved win followed by Jonathan and Bonser in 3rd. In the last lap we seen the retirement of Tom Keeps Cheetah for the rest of the meeting with a Jammed throttle.

Race one: 1st 8 Pete Dorrell, 2nd 31 Jonathan Pooley, 3rd 10 Dave Bonser, 4th 16 Andrew Bilby, 5th 33 Gordon Pooley, 6th 83 Darren Clark, 7th 59 Steve Young, 8th 69 Daz Rycroft. 9th 23 Clifford Bunn, 10th 77 Neil Clarke

Heat 2 Tony Smith has a great start as he gets the jump on Pete but this is short lived as he goes wide into the first turn and Pete cuts back in and Once again takes the lead. Steve Young starts from his normal grid position in the blue grade as he was happy with how his car went in heat 1. Lap 2 Jonathan's great start shows as he gains 4 positions from the rear of the pack. Neil also had a much better start this time round but the story is much the same as the first race as he is left battling with Cliff and Daniel at the back of the field. Lap 3 and Bonser passes Smith on the home straight to take 2nd with Pete's lead now the length of the straight. Lap 4 Dollin is all over the back of Steve's car but manages to get boxed in as Jonathan makes a pass on the outside. Lap 5 sees Darren Clark,Smith and Dollin go 3 a breast in turn 3 with Dollin making the most ground exiting turn 4 going in 6th position. Gordon Pooley takes Smith to stay on the back of the pack but signs of engine trouble appear in the form of water leaking from the #33 machine. Half way through and Bonser is slowly reeling in the leader while Jonathan and Dollin gain a place as Steve goes wide in turn 1. On lap 9 Pete closely followed by Bonser make their way through the back markers of Daz and Neil while Jonathan takes third from Bilby. By lap 11 the track becomes unpredictable with the water from Gordon's car making the track slippery in places. On lap 13 Daniel made the most of the back markers by using them to catch and pass D. Clark to move up into 7th. In the closing laps Jonathan is on the back of the #10 Scorpion but settles for third. Pete dorrell is able to manage the gap between himself and bonser to take the second win of the evening.

Race two: 1st 8 Pete Dorrell, 2nd 10 Dave Bonser, 3rd 31 Jonathan Pooley, 4th 33 Gordon Pooley, 5th 44 Dave Dollin, 6th 59 Steve Young, 7th 32 Daniel Pooley, 8th 83 Darren Clark

The Jet Fuels Cup Final Gordon Pooley had to spectate the final do to overheating problems from heat 2. At the green flag Daz Rycroft failed to get away with a broken shaft causing a bottle neck. As the red grade tried to avoid DaznCliff slowed to take the inside line past the stricken #69 car and was hit hard by an unsighted Dan pooley, this put #23 out of the race with a broken drive shaft and flat tyre. On the restart Pete has a better get away from the line and took up the lead from Tony. Bonser had a great get away from the blues but had his mirrors full of Bilby and Steve at the first turn,while Darren Clark made a small gap from the rest of the red graders. Lap 3 and #10 Scorpion was running a little rough which allowed Bilby to keep on the attack trying around the outside with Steve lying in wait. Bonser kept to the inside line and had taken 2nd place from Tony while the red graders led by Darren Clark were making there way through the blues. On lap 5 Jonathan was looking on top form by passing Dave Dollin and Tony Smith on the back straight now set on Darren Clark in 4th. Two laps later Jonathan drove round the outside of Darren and Bilby on turn 3 and 4 to take up 4th with 3rd place Bonser just ahead. Daniel put aside his earlier incident and was making good progress taking 5th place from Darren. By the half way stage Jonathan had moved into second place after powering past Bonser on the back straight with only the #8 machine to catch. By lap 11 Pete had only half a straight on Jonathan as he was approaching back markers. If Pete struggled to see the #31 car it became a lot more visible when the infamous purple neons lit up the track. With 4 laps to go the back straight was a train of smoke when Daniels engine decided to let go and he parked it up out of the racing line on turn 3. 2 to go and Pete and Jonathan were neck and neck after lapping Neil with 3rd place #10 now a quarter of a lap behind with 16,44,83,59 in tow. On the Final lap Jonathan and Pete were side by side the whole lap while further back Dollin made a final attempt to pass Bilby around the outside but couldn't make it stick. On the final turn there was nothing in it with Jonathan powering down first on the exit of turn 4 beating Pete Dorrell by a cars length. Bonser made up 3rd with Bilby,Dollin,Darren and Steve Young crossing the line in a pack that were all after 4th spot. Tony Smith rounded off the points in 8th.

Final (Jet Fuels Cup): 1st 31 Jonathan Pooley, 2nd 8 Pete Dorrell, 3rd 10 Dave Bonser, 4th 16 Andrew Bilby, 5th 44 Dave Dollin, 6th 83 Darren Clark, 7th 59 Steve Young, 8th 37 Tony Smith.