Saturday 6 April, Birmingham Wheels
June Cochrane Cup

We had two restarts as both Pete Dorrell and then Dave Bonser failed to get away at the green flags, so it was third time lucky as Jack Hodges was the leading car from the white grade. After a couple of laps Dave Bonser was doing his best to find away past Cliff Bunn but Cliff was not just going to give him that place and it took several laps before Dave was past and set about catching Jack. Tom Keep had managed to find away past Neil Clarke and then Pete Dorrell but this took a few laps and the leaders were some distance ahead. Andrew Billy seemed to have some sort of problem as he started on the front row of the reds but soon found him self at the rear. Darren Clarke had Gordon Pooley all over the back of his car and then Dave Dollin joined in after he had passed Andrew. Jonathan Pooley was not too far back. By lap 6 Jack was coming under pressure from Dave Bonser and at the same time Tom Keep was passing Cliff Bunn for third. A little way further down the track Neil Clarke and Pete Dorrell were side by side and all the red graded cars could not find away through, that was until Jonathan Pooley made a move on Dave Dollin then two laps later boxed Gordon behind Darren Clarke and then managed to get between Pete and Neil to move up to 5th. Gordon and the rest all followed through, Dave Bonser had pulled out a bit of a lead from now Tom Keep and Cliff Bunn. In the closing stages Darren Clarke started blowing steam from the Engine compartment and Jonathan Pooley was leaving a trail of smoke going down the straights but it was not slowing him down as he caught and passed Cliff Bunn for third with two to go, But it was Dave Bonser who took his first win of the season in his brand new Pooley built scorpion.

Race one: 1st Dave Bonser, 2nd Tom Keep, 3rd Jonathan Pooley, 4th Cliff Bunn, 5th Gordon Pooley, 6th Dave Dollin, 7th Pete Dorrell, 8th Darren Clarke, 9th Neil Clarke, 10th Jack Hodges, 11th Tony Smith. DNF: Andrew Bilby

Heat 2 - Once again Jack was the early leader then came Tony Smith. Dave Bonser made a lightning start from the rear of the Blue grade to pass Pete Dorrell and Cliff Bunn, though Tom Keep was not going to be so easy as these to battled away for two or three laps side by side with Tom coming out on top and soon started to pull away and catch Jack who was still leading. Unlike race one all the cars got spread out which made it easy for Gordon and Jonathan Pooley as they made there way through the field, and by lap 9 they were in the top 5, Tom was well clear of second place Dave Bonser who had Jonathan sitting behind him and starting lap 10 let JP through on the inside going into turn one and then tucked in behind to the end of the race, Gordon had his mirrors full of Dave Dollin's car in the closing stages but Gordon has been round long enough to know how to keep his fourth place and that's what he did. Cliff Bunn seemed to be racing himself as there was no one in front or behind. Neil Clarke and Pete Dorrell had a moment when exiting the pit turn both cars ended up facing the infield the race continued and Tom Keep took the win.

Race two: 1st Tom Keep, 2nd Jonathan Pooley, 3rd Dave Bonser, 4th Gordon Pooley, 5th Dave Dollin, 6th Cliff Bunn, 7th Darren Clarke, 8th Jack Hodges, 9th Andrew Bilby, 10th Neil Clarke. DNF: Pete Dorrell, Tony Smith

Final - June Cochrane Cup

We had lost Dave Bonser and Tony Smith with engine problems for the final. Jack made a good start at the flag and was getting quicker during the evening's racing, Neil Clarke and Pete Dorrell resumed their battle from the start this allowed Cliff Bunn to pull away a little though Tom Keep tried one side then the other but could not find away past. Jonathan Pooley knew he needed to get through the red grade quick if he was to win this final. Dave Dollin pulled a move on Gordon Pooley to get himself to the front of the reds, Andrew Bilby again seemed to be struggling, By lap six Jonathan was with Dave Dollin and these two were putting on a good show with some close side by side racing, And just when it looked Jonathan might be getting the better of Dave his car let him down and retired to the infield, Tom had now passed Jack and was pulling clear of the field by lap 10 all the cars were spread out and the only person who was catching any one was Tom Keep as he closed in on back markers. Jack Hodges was going well and holding his own in sixth place, Andrew Bilby though struggling managed to get in the points in eighth place. So it was a fine and impressive win for the no 46 car of Tom Keep, if he keeps the car going this well we could be in for a close championship, Watch this space. Next stop Arena Essex on the 27th April

Final (June Cochrane Cup).1st Tom Keep, 2nd Dave Dollin, 3rd Gordon Pooley, 4th Cliff Bunn, 5th Darren Clarke, 6th Jack Hodges, 7th Neil Clarke, 8th Andrew Bilby. DNF: Pete Dorrell, Jonathank Pooley