European Championship
Northampton, 23 September

As the cars arrived during the morning also did the rain clouds and by start time the rain had started to fall. Jonathan Pooley was favourite but now with the rain this could be an open race.

European Race.

At the green flag it was Jonathan Pooley who took up the lead from brother Daniel, Marc de Land got ahead of Cliff Bunn as did Gordon Pooley Andrew Bilby got pass Mark Hodges he was followed by Steve Young, Pete Dorrell was ahead of Darren Clarke and Dave Dollin. Jeremy Bouckley got caught out with the amount of standing water on the exit of turn fourth and found himself facing the wrong way.

On lap 2 de Land managed to get pass and up to second after Daniel Pooley left the door open going into turn three. Steve Young retired to the infield on lap 6 with water in the carbs. Marc was putting Jonathan under lots of pressure upfront but the world Champion was holding firm, Gordon was staying three or four car lengths behind these too. Cliff Bunn was in fifth and seemed to be having his own race as he had no challengers near him and the leading four were three quarters of a lap ahead of him. On lap 10 de Land tried to get up the inside going down the back straight but Jonathan closed the door, so it looked like the outside line was going to be the way passed no31 so going into turn three de Land tried his luck and got along side Jonathan going into turn one but could not make it stick so he cut back on the exit and got up the inside and this time he was by, Jonathan fought back down the back straight but went wide on turn three this aloud Gordon through for second. By now the first four had lapped the field,

Lap 18 Gordon was now closing in fast on Marc for the lead and on the exit of turn two he drove around the outside of Marc`s car as though he was standing still and pulled away, Marc tried to respond but there was no catching the no33 car, With five to go a very rare moment as Jonathan Pooley slipped down to fourth after he spun on the exit of turn 4, this showed just how the conditions were catching even the best driver out.

At the flag it was Gordon Pooley who took the win in a fine drive with Marc de Land second and Daniel Pooley third. This was the first major title that Gordon had won in his 23years of racing Grand Prix Midgets, so it was well over due Well done Gordon.

European Championship: 1st Gordon Pooley, 2nd Marc de Land, 3rd Daniel Pooley, 4th Jonathan Pooley, 5th Clifford Bunn, 6th Andrew Bilby, 7th Pete Dorrell, 8th Darren Clark, 9th Dave Dollin, 10th Jeremy Bouckley, 11th Peter Perry

Heat 1

With the rain still falling and large puddles forming on the inside of the turns who would be the winner in this one?

Peter Perry was the early leader then it was Daren Clarke Andrew Bilby Marc de Land. Dave Bonser who had managed to get his car going for this one and was ahead of Birthday boy Pete Dorrell, Back in the red grade Cliff Bunn was ahead of Gordon Pooley who had all ready passed Steve Young Tom Keep and Daniel Pooley before he had done a lap.

Peter was still out in front on lap 3 but now had Marc de Land very close and took up the lead down the back straight, Andrew Bilby was in a battle with Cliff Bunn for a couple of laps but Cliff managed to find a way pass and moved up a place. Once again Steve Young and Tom Keep retired to the infield in consecutive laps, But the man to watch was Gordon Pooley as he cut his way through the traffic and up to second, de Land was still leading and he could see the red Scorpian closing in lap after lap. Dave Bonser moved up to third after passing Darren Clarke, Cliff Bunn was now closing in on Darren looking for that forth place but he had Daniel Pooley all over his rear who also wanted that place, But that was not to be as Dan slid into the fencing on turn three and out of the race,

Two to go and Gordon was all over the rear of Marc srv Vauxhall, but back markers were just ahead Gordon got along side on the home straight and his nose in front but found him self boxed on the out side and Marc pulled clear, last Lap and Gordon came in again this time he got better traction on the exit of turn two Marc could not respond and Gordon took the flag for the second time of the day.

Race two: 1st Gordon Pooley, 2nd Marc de Land, 3rd Dave Bonser, 4th Jonathan Pooley, 5th Clifford Bunn, 6th Darren Clarke, 7th Dave Dollin, 8th Pete Dorrell, 9th Jeremy Bouckley, 10th Peter Perry

Heat 2

And the field was a little depleted after loosing Tom Keep Steve Young Neil Clarke Peter Perry Daniel Pooley and Marc de Land. So at the green it was Darren Clarke from Andrew Bilby Dave Bonser and Pete Dorrell, from the reds Gordon Pooley passed Cliff Bunn and Jonathan Pooley was next.

As the cars spread out Gordon just picked them off one by one and from starting at the rear of the field he was now the leader on lap three, Andrew Bilby tried to keep Jonathan Pooley at bay but exiting turn two he was pass and up to fourth, at the same time Dave Bonser was taking up second from Daren Clarke, Pete Dorrell Andrew Bilby and Dave Dollin and Jeremy Bouckley were having a four way battle for 6th, with only a couple of laps to go Dave Bonser made a mistake and this allowed Jonathan and Cliff Bunn by, But it was the hat trick man Gordon Pooley who took the win in fine style. In a class of his own.

Race three: 1st Gordon Pooley, 2nd Jonathan Pooley, 3rd Clifford Bunn, 4th Dave Bonser, 5th Darren Clarke, 6th Andrew Bilby, 7th Pete Dorrell, 8th Jeremy Bouckley, 9th Dave Dollin