Graham Hill Trophy
Birmingham Wheels, Saturday 6 October

We lost Steve Young before the race one when he and Dave Dollin had a coming together damaging the steering rack of the 59 car.

Race 1. Neil Clarke was the early leader from Andrew Bilby in the yellow grade, Tom Keep was the first of the blue graded cars with Mark Hodges and Pete Dorrell just behind. Cliff Bunn was the leading red graded car with Dave Bonser inches from the rear of Cliffs car as they exit turn 4, Gordon Pooley was just behind with Dave Dollin - Daniel and Jonathan Pooley a further car length back, Marc de Land was bringing up the rear. On lap 3 Andrew took up the lead as he took Neil on his inside. Mark Hodges was giving Tom Keep a hard time as he was trying to find a pass the Cheetah Peugeot. Dave Dollin was now up to sixth place as he took Pete Dorrell down the back straight on lap 5. Dave Bonser was starting to slip back wards after a good start.

Lap 8 and Dollin forced his way pass Mark Hodges by diving up the inside going into turn one, taking some of the rumble strips along the way, behind those two came Neil Clarke and Cliff Bunn battling it out with Gordon Pooley tucked in behind Cliff, Jonathan tried to box Gordon behind Cliff but could not get pass Neil on the back straight going into turn three, Dave Dollin made a great move as the leading three came on the home straight, with Tom Keep on the inside Andrew in the middle and Dave on his out side, with Dave breaking later he dived into turn one and into the lead, Andrew dropped down to second then Third as Tom made a pass, a lap later and Gordon and Jonathan were now behind Tom Keep and with two to go Tom managed to find him self stuck behind Dave Bonser going into turn one and that was the chance both Pooley cars needed and they were pass. But there was no catching Dave Dollin who took the win, Good Drive Dave well done.

Race one: 1st Dave Dollin, 2nd Gordon Pooley, 3rd Jonathan Pooley, 4th Tom Keep, 5th Clifford Bunn, 6th Mark Hodges, 7th Andrew Bilby, 8th Daniel Pooley, 9th Pete Dorrell, 10th Marc de Land, 11th Neil Clarke, 12th Dave Bonser

Race 2. Both yellow graded cars were side by side going into turn one with Andrew taking the lead as Neil Clarkes gearbox cried enough and shred second gear, Mark Hodges took Pete Dorrell for second TYom Keep went wide to allow Cliff Bunn pass, Marc de Land also went wide this opened the door for Daniel Pooley, Dave Bonser was looking racy as he was all over the rear of de Lands car, Marc found him self behind Pete Dorrell and then was boxed in as both Bonser and Dollin went by, Daniel was carving his way through the field and now up to Third and closing in on Andrew and Cliff who were fighting for the lead, Cliff and Daniel both passed Andrew then these two pulled clear as the battled it out for three or four laps and then cliff just went wide enough for Daniel to put his nose on the inside and the taking up the lead going into turn one. Bonser took up third from Bilby then came Dollin from Gordon Pooley from Mark Hodges and Jonathan Pooley these six were separated by six car lengths. Gordons good run came to an end when a dropped a valve in one of the cylinders finishing his racing for the evening, further down the field Marc de Land was side by side with Pete Dorrell for five laps or so with Tom keep joining in to make it a three way fight. But out in front was Daniel Pooley and there was no catching him as he took the win.

Race two: 1st Daniel Pooley, 2nd Clifford Bunn, 3rd Dave Dollin, 4th Dave Bonser, 5th Mark Hodges, 6th Jonathan Pooley, 7th Andrew Bilby, 8th Marc de Land, 9th Pete Dorrell, 10th Tom Keep, 11th Gordon Pooley

Final. Andrew Bilby was the lone yellow grader and it was he who took up the lead at the green flag. Pete Dorrel was ahead of Tom Keep and Mark Hodges took Tom on lap two to move up to Third, Marc de Land made a better start and manage to get ahead of Cliff Bunn and Dave Bonser, the Pooley brothers were soon pass Dave Dollin and a lap later was pressing hard to find a way pass de Land but he was occupied with Tom Keep just ahead of him and just as Jonathan went to pass Marc on the out side Marc dived up the inside of Tom to move up to fourth, though this was sort lived as the no 15 car had under steer issues and the chasing pack were soon pass dropping marc down the field. Mark Hodges though was going really well and was now all over the rear of Andrew Bilby and that pressure paid of as he took up the lead on lap 9, Andrew later retiring with rear upright trouble. This let Jonathan close in on Hodges and by lap 13 was with him and pass as the no 5 car went wide, now Daniel was up to third after taking Pete Dorrell, the front three then pulled away and in the closing stages Daniel took Mark for second, Dave Dollin was working his way up through the field and found him self up to 5th place, Dave Bonser had again found himself going backwards after going so well in heat two, though his Vauxhall engine was starting to resemble a steam engine with the puffs of smoke on the exits of each turn though he made it to the finish, Back up front there was no catching Jonathan and for the first time in three years there was going to be a new name on the trophy which had been won by Phil Retchless when he was driving the Cheetah.

Graham Hill Trophy: 1st Jonathan Pooley, 2nd Daniel Pooley, 3rd Mark Hodges, 4th Dave Dollin, 5th Tom Keep, 6th Clifford Bunn, 7th Pete Dorrell, 8th Dave Bonser, 9th Marc de Land.