Birmingham Wheels Raceway, 4th June
GPM World Final.

This was the first time the world final had been held at Birmingham Wheels Raceway and the Promoters Incarace made it a special occasion with current Champion Jonathan Pooley leading the other competitors to the grid on the back of the race control car, and once he arrived at his starting position he had a short interview with Incarace commentator Dave Goddard.

At the start it was Jonathan who went into the lead from his brother Daniel, Steve Young who started on row two did not make the best of starts as he seemed to get bogged down, this allowed Neil Clarke to take up third spot while Marc de Land starting on Row 3 had to brake to miss the rear of Steve`s car so Cliff Bunn took advantage to pass Marc who then tried to pass on the inside of Steve going to turn one but thought better of it as the cars came close to contact, Luke Retchless was staying ahead of dad Phil, Andrew Bilby though had to retire the VW with a smoky engine, Chris Neal going well making up a couple of places in the first lap, Mark Hodges in his first race of the season seemed a little of the pace in his VW. By lap 3 the order was Jonathan and Daniel Pooley then Steve Young, de Land was now up to fourth Cliff Bunn was just holding off Steve Dawson then came Chris Neal who had started near the rear of the field Neil Clarke and Luke Retchless. Daniel Pooley spun on the exit of turn four and out of contention both Young and de Land just managed to pass with out loosing to much time as they then set about trying to close the gap to Jonathan, On Lap 9 de Land finally made his move stick as Steve Young slid wide on the exit of turn two Marc moved his car to the inside and going down the back straight into turn three the cars just banged wheels but de Land was through, A little further down the track Chris Neal was now up to fourth and going well though there was some steam starting to come out of the BMC cooling system, and on lap 18 Chris was shown the red and white flag and retired to the infield, that allowed Phil Retchless to move up to fourth, By lap 20 only the first three were on the lead lap Jonathan had eased off a bit though de land was still chasing hard but there was no catching Jonathan who had Lead from start to finish to take his third world title Well done Jonathan also Marc de land for finishing second and being the fastest man on the track, and a good drive from Steve Young for third.

Results 1.J.Pooley Land 3.S.Young 4.P.Retchless 5.S.Dawson 6.C.Bunn 7.N.Clarke 8.D.Bonser

Heat one. With all cars now lined up in graded order it was Dave Bonser who lead the cars away with Allen Herbert in second. Marc de land and Steve Dawson Banged wheels a couple of times as they battled it out to be the leading Blue grade car and set about chasing down Allen, who retired to the infield on lap 2. Steve Dawson was now third with Phil Retchless fourth, Luke was going well just managing to stay up with Phil. Back in the red grade Neil Clarke was doing his best to keep Cliff Bunn, Chris Neal, Steve Young, Daniel and Jonathan Pooley behind him But with Neil`s car not going to well it was not long before they past. By lap six de Land took the out side line to pass Bonser for the lead, at the same time Chris Neal pass Cliff to move up to sixth place, Jonathan Pooley was starting to make head way and it was not long when he past Steve Young and Cliff Bunn, Daniel was sticking with Jonathan and with five to run when in fifth place Daniel had some sort of problem and had to retire, this left de Land way out front with Jonathan up to second and Phil in third, and that's how they finished

Results Land 2.J.Pooley 3.P.Retchless 4.C.Neal 5.S.Young 6.S.Dawson 7.L.Retchless 8.D.Bonser

Heat two. Dave Bonser was the early leader with Steve Dawson second, Mark Hodges who was not having the best of meetings was third then came Luke and Phil Retchless with Marc de Land tucking in behind, Chris Neal was giving Neal Clarke a hard time as he tried to make a pass stick coming onto the home straight, Daniel Pooley went wide going into turn three allowing Steve Young and Jonathan Pooley past. On lap 5 Dave retired to the infield this put Steve Dawson into the lead, de Land was all over the back of the no 9 car of Phil Retchless but could not find a way pass, and it was not long before it was a three way battle for the lead, with Dawson fending off Retchless, de Land tried to take Phil on the inside as he tried to out side line to take Dawson but as they approached the start finish line waved Yellow flag as Luke had spun entering turn one. On the rolling start Dawson Retchless and de Land resumed there battle with Chris Neal and Jonathan Pooley making it a five car battle, this went on for two more laps then as Phil went a little wide in turn 3 - 4 de Land went to take his chance and the engine died as the throttle linkage failed Chris Neal and Jonathan Pooley took avoiding action as de land parked up at the end of the straight going into turn one. Pooley made light work of Retchless and Dawson to take up the lead, Chris though was finding it a bit harder and he was joined by Steve Young as they all battled for second Chris got boxed in behind Dawson by Steve Young to drop down a place but was not giving up as he challenged back, while this was going on Phil moved into second place Dawson third who dropped to fourth on the last but one as Young made the move stick exiting turn two.

Results 1.J.Pooley 2.P.Retchless 3.S.Young 4.S.Dawson 5.C.Neal 6.D.Pooley 7.C.Bunn 8.N.Clarke