2 July 2011, Arena Essex , European Championship

European Championship. With the cars lined up in points order it was current champion Jonathan Pooley on pole with Steve Young along side, Marc de Land and Daniel Pooley was on row two and Neil Clarke and Steve Dawson on three row3 Row 4 saw Luke Retchless and Chris Neal Row 5 was Allen Herbert and Andrew Bilby and row 6 Toni Scheepens and Gordon Pooley. At the start both Jonathan and Steve made juddering starts but Marc de Land could not capitalise as Young cut across de Land going into turn one, by lap 4 Jonathan had pulled out a small lead from Steve Young who had Marc de Land all over the back of his car, then there was a gap opening to Daniel Pooley who had Neil Clarke for company. Allen Herbert retired his Vauxhall powered car to the infield with a broken rocker. Chris Neal was now up with Neil Clarke and starting to give Neil a hard time. Lap 8 Jonathan seemed to have slowed a little allowing Steve and Marc to close right in, going into turn one Toni Scheepens had blown out a water seal and put water all over the track, first to catch it was Steve Dawson and within a few seconds Daniel Pooley also spun out, then came the leaders with Marc de Land challenging Steve Young for second place on the out side line and on the entrance to turn one found him self facing the wrong way as he spun on the wet track, Chris Neal then moved up to third place de Land just got back on track to line up behind Chris. as the laps ticked down under the yellow flags it was looking better for Jonathan to retain his title and at the green flag with only 5 to run it was Jonathan from Steve then came Chris who had Marc trying one side then the other to get third place back next up came Gordon Pooley who was behind the two lapped cars of Steve Dawson and Daniel Pooley and Luke Retchless was in sixth spot. With two to go Steve Young was close as he ever was to Jonathan but the Black Scorpian was keeping a tidy line so there was no way pass, another car keeping a good line was Chris Neal`s BMC Dart with water on one bend there was only one good over taking place and that was on the back straight going into turn 3 and Chris was making it as hard as he could for Marc`s Vauxhall powered SRV. On the last lap Steve tried one more attempt going into turn 3 but Jonathan just had enough to see him to the line Chris Neal held on to take third.

Results 1/ 31.J.Pooley 2/ 59.S.Young 3/ 74.C.Neal 4/ 15.M.de Land 5/ 33.G.Pooley 6/ 19.L.Retchless 7/16.A.Bilby 8/ 32.D.Pooley

Heat 1

With No white graded cars it was the Yellows of Andrew Bilby and Gordon Pooley who took up the lead with Gordon challenging for the lead by the first corner. Neil Clarke was soon past Steve Dawson with Luke Retchless back behind the wheel of his VW machine. Then came the red graded cars lead by Daniel Pooley with Marc de Land close behind then came Chris Neal , Jonathan Pooley and Steve Young. By Lap 5 Gordon Pooley had pulled well clear of Andrew Bilby, Neil Clarke was now closing in on second spot with Steve Dawson a further three car lengths back, Then came the Pooley brothers de Land Neal and Steve Young, as the laps was ticking down from third place to ninth place was only separated by a second, with Steve Dawson on the out side of Andrew Bilby then we had Jonathan Pooley behind Andrew and Daniel to his out side, Chris Neal Slipped to the inside of Marc de Land who was right behind Daniel then came Steve Young who was just waiting for a mistake to take advantage and Luke Retchless who was a further couple of car lengths back. On lap 12 Steve finally managed to pass Andrew so Daniel also made the move going into the pit turn just getting ahead of Andrew before managing to spin him self out in front of the chasing pack, Jonathan slipped to the out side and went round the sliding no 32 de Land followed JP but was tapped in the rear by Chris Neal who lost his steering and ended up into Marc`s front end after he had been clipped by the flying Andrew Bilby who had gone over Daniels front end, Steve Young and Luke Retchless both moved up four places after the carnage, Chris Marc and Andrew retired to the infield with damaged steering, with only two race laps to go at the green flag there was no stopping Gordon Pooley who took his first win of the season from an improved in power Neil Clarke.

Results 1/ 33. G.Pooley 2/ 77. N.Clarke 3/20. S.Dawson 4/ 31.J.Pooley 5/ 59. S.Young 6/ 32.D.Pooley 7/ L.Retchless

Race 2: With all the cars mended it was again Andrew Bilby who took up the lead with Gordon Pooley soon right up with him, back in the red grade there was some confusion as there was only one warm up lap Marc de Land was out of position so was reversing to his grid position when the green flag was dropped and Chris Neal was not even in gear as Jonathan Pooley just manage to miss him, back in the Blue grade Steve Dawson was going great guns as he chased down Andrew and Gordon with Neil Clarke just behind, Luke Retchless was just 6 car lengths further back and staying in contention but with Daniel Pooley and the rest of the red grade closing in fast. By lap 6 Gordon was out in front with Steve Dawson second and Neil Clarke third, Andrew was still fourth Luke lost fifth place to Jonathan and next pass was Chris Neal. Daniel Pooley eighth and Marc de Land was struggling in ninth which be came tenth when Steve young past him on the home straight. Lap 8 Jonathan boxed in Neil Clarke behind Steve Dawson to move up two more places to second, Chris Neal tried to pass Neil Clarke but had the door firmly shut , another four laps had passed by the time Chris manage to get by Neil and Steve Dawson, and with three laps to go Jonathan had a fuel problem and started to slow this allowed Chris to pass with only a lap to go to take second place but once again it was Gordon Pooley who took the win.

Results 1/ 33. G.Pooley 2/ 74. C.Neal 3/ 31. J.Pooley 4/ 20. S.Dawson 5/ 77. N.Clarke 6/ 32. D.Pooley 7/ 59.S.Young 8/ 16. A.Bilby

Arena Essex 3 July 2011 day two. Ram Motor sport trophy Race one

Andrew Bilby was the first man into turn one with Gordon Pooley 4 to 5 car lengths further back, in the Blue grade it was a drag race between Neil Clarke and Steve Dawson into turn one and Luke Retchless was also having a side by side battle with Toni Scheepens, back in the reds Marc de Land just got the better start ahead of the fast improving Chris Neal who had pulled a small gap to Steve Young and Jonathan Pooley.

By the start of lap 4 Andrew was still leading but Gordon was trying hard to pass Neil Clarke was now up with them making it a three way battle. Steve Dawson was five car lengths back, a further quarter a lap back was Marc de Land Closely followed by Luke Retchless and Chris Neal. Toni had slipped back a little into the grasp of Jonathan who had Steve young pressing hard on his tail. Two lap later Gordon took up the lead with Mr Clarke following through, Steve was now up with Andrew challenging for third but could not find a way through, this allowed the chasing pack lead by Marc de Land to close in, three laps later there was a six car battle for third Steve Dawson slipped wide on the exit of turn four this allowed Marc to nip ahead and follow Andrew down the home straight, Jonathan tried to box Chris in behind Marc as he took to the out side line going down the back straight But could not get past as Steve Dawson was on the same line, and again coming out of turn four Andrew just left the door open in the inside and the SRV of Marc de Land took full advantage Chris Neal also followed through, Neil Clarke lost time on the exit of turn two allowing de land to nip pass up to second, Jonathan then ducked to the inside to get along side Chris but his way was blocked by Neil in car 77 who found that damp patch on the exit of turn four, slid a little wide and Jonathan was through, Now Chris had his mirrors full of Steve young. With four to go it was Gordon from Marc then Jonathan all together, Marc tried the out side line to pass Gordon but Jonathan then move to his inside, going into turn three Jonathan went round the out side of Marc who lost a bit of momentum, and on the home straight slipped pass Gordon for the lead, Marc had not given up on this and for three laps tried to pass Gordon on the out side who with all his years of racing experience just knows how to make his car wide enough so no 15 could not get past, Chris Neal and Steve Young was now up with the first three and Chris tried to make a pass but there was no more laps. .

Results 1..31.J.Pooley 2..33.G.Pooley 3..15.M.de Land 4..74.C.Neal 5..59.S.Young 6..77.N.Clarke 7..20.S.Dawson 8..100.T.Scheepens

Heat two…..SEGTO Pavement Challenge With the cars lined up in points order scored over the weekend with the highest total on pole it was Jonathan Pooley who took up the lead from Gordon Pooley. Chris Neal made a lightning start to get ahead of Steve Young and then ducked to the inside of Gordon on the exit of turn two to make the pass stick and move up to second. Fourth place was Steve Young and then came Steve Dawson Neil Clarke was coming under pressure from Marc de Land next up was Luke Retchless who had pulled a gap from Andrew Bilby who was in his own battle with Toni Scheepens. As the first three started to pall away Steve Young and Marc de Land was in a tight battle for fourth spot, with de Land trying every move he could inside to out side but Car 59 of Steve Young was not buckling under this pressure. A little further back Andrew spun out on the pit turn allowing Toni to move up one place, Steve Dawson and Neil Clarke was involved in there own battle for sixth spot. By lap 9 Chris was still giving Jonathan a hard time for the lead with Gordon about four car lengths behind, Steve Young made a slight error on the exit of turn four and that allowed de land to take the inside line for turn one and move up to fourth. On lap twelve Jonathan was just in front of Chris who had Gordon and Marc now for company making it a four car battle for the lead, as they came up to back markers Chris tried to catch Jonathan off guard but the world champion was one step ahead and closed that avenue to hold on to his lead. With three laps to run there was nothing between the first four and on the exit of the pit bend the no 31 car of JP slowed as he had some kind of fuel starvation trouble and this allowed the Rookie driver to GP Midgets Chris Neal to take up the lead from Gordon Pooley and Marc de Land where he held on to take the SEGTO Pavement Challenge. Results 1..74.C.Neal 2..33.G.Pooley 3..15.M.de Land 4..59.S.Young 5..77.N.Clarke 6..20.S.Dawson 7..19.L.Retchless 8..16.A.Bilby

Final RAM Motor sport trophy

For the last race of what had been a good weekend racing at Arena Essex it was Andrew Bilby who took up the lead from the quick Gordon Pooley, Neil Clarke got the better of Steve Dawson on turn two to take up third, Toni Scheepens Got ahead of Luke Retchless at the start but Luke was sticking close in behind Toni. Marc de Land was the first of the red grade cars to break clear of the pack he was followed by Steve Young and Chris Neal. Jonathan had sorted his car out from race two and was now trying to find a way pass Chris, On lap six Gordon was pulling clear out front Neil Clarke was now up to second then a quarter of a lap back came a group of cars with Andrew Bilby heading this pack, Steve Dawson was trying to find a way pass on the out side but with no luck, Marc was tucked up under the rear of Andrews car as was Chris to Marc`s and on the exit of turn four Jonathan Chris and Marc all touched this slowed Chris a little and Jonathan was pass, Steve got a better pull out of the corner to pass Andrew and Marc followed him through, and then pass Steve at the end of the pit straight, Jonathan was could not pass Steve for a lap and this allowed Chris to Close in and Marc to pull away and set about Neil Clarke, Toni Sheepen had about ten car lengths between him self and Andrew Bilby who had Luke Retchless all over the back of his car these tree drivers was all lapping about the same time, On lap 10 Gordon Pooley was pass Luke and Andrew. Marc was pulling away from Jonathan in his charge for Gordon. Chris and Steve was just behind Jonathan but with the laps ticking down time was running out. Lap 12 Marc was now up with the Andrew and Luke battle who was side by side and fighting for position in the points places, Marc tried the inside then the out but could not find away through, by lap 15 Jonathan -Chris and Steve had now closed in on Marc. Luke went a little wide on the exit of the pit turn and Marc was through and took Andrew on the back straight but Jonathan was just inches from no 15 as they started the last lap, Gordon was over half a lap clear to take the win from Marc who had Jonathan half a cars length behind for third.

Results 1..33.G.Pooley 2..15.M.de Land 3..31.J.Pooley. 4..74.C.Neal 5..59.S.Young 6..77.N.Clarke 7..20.S.Dawson 8..100.T.Scheepens