European Championship, Birmingham wheels raceway 26/6/10

Andrew Lewis lead the cars away with Steve Dawson, Andrew Bilby & Leon Retchless from the yellow grade closing him down, Daniel Pooley made a good start from the reds and was soon up with Neil Clarke, Klaus Kilianski the current world champion was having a little understeer coming out of turn 2 which allowed Jonathon Pooley through on the inside, by lap 8 Daniel Pooley took up the lead from Steve Dawson who was driving well with brother Jonathon behind, then there was a gap to Marc de Land in fourth with Cliff Bunn doing all he could to close him down. Leon Retchless was getting to grips with his car after being away for a while, then came Klaus Kilianski. Back at the front Daniel.s car was starting to overheat. Jonathon managed to get along side him down the back straight and tried to let Daniel know his car was starting to look more like a steam engine than a GP Midget! With two to go Daniel pulled off the track, this left Jonathon to take the win from a challenging Steve Dawson who was right behind Jonathon when they came up on some back markers but there were not enough laps for Steve. Cliff Bunn managed to pass Marc on the last lap after putting him under pressure,

Results 1ST J.Pooley 2nd S.Dawson 3rd C.Bunn 4TH M.deLand 5th P.Retchless 6th K.Kilanski 7th N.Clarke 8th A.Bilby

Again Andrew Lewis got us away from the white grade with the yellows going three wide into turn one - Andrew Bilby Pete Dorrell and Steve Dawson with young Leon Retchless was just behind. Allen Herbert was trying to hold off Marc de Land with Cliff Bunn sticking with him, As the cars came out of turn two Marc de Land had a lot of oversteer which allowed three cars past, by the half distance Jonathon Pooley took up the lead from Steve Dawson then there was a gap to Andrew Lewis. Next up came seven cars all fighting for position with Pete Dorrell heading them, Marc de Land boxed Phil Retchless behind Andrew Bilby to pass around the outside of Phil, next lap round Steve Young spun in front of Marc and the chasing pack cars went in all directions but we all managed to miss Steve but that spread the field out, and so it was Jonathon who went on to take his second win of the night.

Results 1st J.Pooley 2nd S.Dawson 3rd A.Herbert 4th C.Bunn 5th A.Lewis 6th P.Dorrell 7th Land 8th N.Clarke

European Championship. The cars lined up in points scored order with the Pooley brothers on the front row, Steve Young who was going to line up third on the grid had a problem in the warm up laps and had to retire. So it was Daniel (current European champ) who was on pole but by end of lap two Jonathon was leading with Daniel inches behind, Dan was not going to let his European reign go without making Jonathon work for it though. Phil Retchless was a clear third by lap 10 from Klaus Kilanski then came Cliff Bunn, Marc de Land was in sixth but by lap 18 was having bad under steer and this let Steve Dawson catch and on lap 21 the cars touched going into turn three damaging the bottom wish bone on Marc`s car. Also by now Daniel, who was still giving Jonathon a hard time, was having problems as his car started to overheat again and he had to ease off and this allowed a clear run for Jonathon who won comfortably from a smoking Daniel then three quarters of a lap back came Phil Retchless who by his standards had a quiet race. Klaus was closing the gap on Phil but there were not enough laps to do any thing about him.

Results 1st J.Pooley 2nd D.Pooley 3rd P.Retchless 4th K.Kilanski 5th C.Bunn 6th S.Dawson 7th Land 8th A.Herbert