25th April 2010, Graham Hill Memorial, Northampton
report by Marc de Land

Race One

After a few problems with crash helmet regs we managed to get a good grid of cars, after a delayed start due to previous race being stopped we got out on the track, as we set off for the warm up laps Mr GP Midget himself Neil Clarke broke his drivshaft putting him out of the whole meeting. With the cars lined up and away we go, with Lee Hazeltine making a good start but it was not long before (welcome back) Gary Gimsley and Luke Retchless were with him, Andrew Bilby retired on lap 3 with mechanical failure, further back down the field Jonathon Pooley was really going well cutting through the field, but he was not going to have it all his own way as brother Daniel Pooley was not letting him get too far ahead. On lap 6 Lee Hazeltine retired, this left Jonathan Pooley in the lead, Phil Retchless in the Cheetah Peugeot eventually got past Marc de Land then Cliff Bunn made life hard for Marc, going into turn 3 Cliff managed to make the car stick and drove round the out side of Marc, Steve Young was having a battle with Gary Grimsley but there was not enough laps, the win went to Jonathan.

Result. 1st Jonathon Pooley, 2nd Daniel Pooley, 3rd Garry Grimsley, 4th Steve Young 5th Phil Retchless, 6th Cliff Bunn 7th Marc de Land 8th Pete Dorrell

Race 2

With two false starts we all got away third time lucky, Phil Retchless found his driving boots as he made light work of the red grade drivers and had his sights set on doing well in this race, Garry Grimsley was soon in the lead from Lee Hazeltine, Pete Dorrell, Luke Retchless, and Steve Dawson. By lap 3 Andrew Bilby pulled of to the infield with a misfire, he was followed by Pete Dorell with the same problem on lap 4. On lap 9 Phil Retchless took the lead and there was no looking back, Jonathon Pooley was starting to spray water out from a leaking head gasket but with two to go brother Daniel was putting the pressure on, Luke Retchless was having braking trouble and it was due to this he let Marc de Land and Cliff Bunn through in the closing stages, But it was Luke's Dad who went on to win in fine style.

Result 1st Phil Retchless, 2nd Jonathan Pooley, 3rd Daniel Pooley, 4th Gary Grimsley, 5th Steve Dawson, 6th Marc de Land 7th Cliff Bunn 8th Luke Retchless.

Final Graham Hill Trophy

Jonathon Pooley was missing from the final due to head gasket but we still had an entertaining race, Lee Hazeltine got away in the lead with Garry Grimsley up to 2nd Luke Retcheless 3rd Steve Young who was having clutch trouble was now 4th, Again Phil Retchless was out to defend his Graham Hill Trophy and was making a good job so far as he powered past Marc de Land going into turn one and making it look so easy, Cliff Bunn retired on lap 4, Daniel Pooley now had a battle with Marc de Land for 5th spot but after two laps managed to slip past, Andrew Bilby retired with his misfire and suspension trouble on lap 6, as the field started to spread out there was a collision with the wall on turn 3-4 for Young Lee Hazeltine as his throttle stuck open, this brought out full course yellow and then red flags. As the cars lined behind the pass car we had a rolling start with 5 to go, Garry Grimsleyy was in the lead with the fast Phil Retchless right behind him then it was Steve Dawson, Steve Young still with his clutch trouble, Daniel Pooley, Marc de Land and Luke retchless, as the laps counted down Phil took up the lead where he would stay but it was Daniel making the moves going on the inside of Steve Young then the outside of Gary Grimsley, Marc de Land tryed to take Steve Dawson going into turn 1 but was having handling trouble as the back of the car tried to spin out.

Phil Retchless drove really well to retain the trophy, also well done to Garry Grimsby on a great drive for 3rd spot.

Result 1st Phil Retchless, 2nd Daniel Pooley, 3rd Gary Grimsley, 4th Steve Young 5th Steve Dawson, 6th Marc de Land, 7th Luke Retchess.