26th September, 2009
Ipswich, World Championship

A nice autumn evening greeted all the drivers as they made there way to Ipswich raceway for the GP Midgets world final, and it was a classic, with Jonathan Pooley 31 and Klaus Kilianski 93 putting on a great race.

The cars got under way with a very dusty track as the previous race someone had an oil spill, all the cars made it round ok for there two warm up laps. On the front row of the grid Daniel Pooley (32) and his brother current world champion Jonathan Pooley (31) made a great start as the green flag came out . Back down the field Klaus Kilanski (93) who started 8th on the grid was starting to make his way through the field, By lap 6 Jonathan (31) led Daniel (32) followed by Phil Retchless (9) Andrew Bilby (16) then a close battle with Gordon Pooley (33) and Klaus (93) then there was a gap building to Neil Clarke (77) Cliff Bunn (23) and Marc deLand (15). On lap ten Jonathan (31) was still out in front but the man on the move was Klaus (93) as once he managed to pass Gordon (33) he set about Phil (9) who slid a bit wide going into turn one which was enough for (93) to slip up on his inside, Daniel (32) retired on lap 12 with a puncture . This was followed by Marc deland (15) with engine failure, and Andrew Bilby (16) . On lap 15 Gordon (33) who was in 4th had a very big in-counter with the pit turn wall in which a full the red flag came out to stop the race while Gordon`s car was removed from the track, this bunched all the cars up for the restart in which Jonathan (31) and Klaus (93) put on a fine display of fast and close racing where Jonathan just had the edge these two cars where neck and neck until lap 25 where Jonathan`s (31) engine let go and had to retire leaving Klaus to take the chequer flag. His 6th world title. Phil Retchless (9) finished 2nd And Neil Clarke (77) 3rd, a nice way to celebrate his 40th year in oval racing.

1st-93 2nd - 9 3rd - 77 4th - 59 5th -23 6th -76 7th-100 8th - 19 9th - 8 10th - 20

Heat one. Cars lined up in graded order where Luke Retchless (19) took up the lead from Pete Dorrell (8). Daniel pooley (32) was on a charge from the red graded cars with Cliff Bunn (23) Klaus (93) Neil clarke (77) and Andrew Bilby (16) and Phil Retchless (9) all starting to close in on the leading cars, By half distance Luke (19) was still in the lead with Daniel (32) and Klaus (93) right behind him, lap (10) Daniel takes up the lead but luke closes the door on Klaus and hangs on to 2nd then going into the pit turn young Luke goes wide onto the dust as he battles with control of the car Klaus nips up on the inside, for 2nd , coming out of the corner the back of Lukes car starts to spin him round where he collects Neil Clarke and Pete dorrell, the race is stopped . Restart is a shoot out between Daniel and Klaus but no 32 holds onto the win,

1st - 32 2nd -93 3rd -9 4th -59 5th -20 6th -100 7th -16 8th -23

Heat 2 With no white graded cars it was Steve Dawson (20) who led the cars away from Steve Young (59) and Toni Scheepens (100), Jonathan (31) who had repaired his car was make very fast progress from the red grade, with 5 to run Jonathan takes up the lead with Daniel taking up 2nd and steve young driving well to hold Phil Retchless for 3rd.

Final result 1st - 31 2nd - 32 3rd -59 4th -9 5th -23 6th -16 7th -20 8th -100 9th - 43