6th September, 2009
Northampton, Graham Hill Memorial

Good entry of 14 cars for this meeting with Steve Dawson also in attendance but sadly not featuring in the results after a dnf in the second race. Daniel Pooley was first over the line in the second race but was adjudged to have taken out Dawson after a dive down the inside line into the first bend in the later stages of the race - he was docked two places for his trouble.

This meant there were actually three different cars first across the line at the this meeting but ultimately just the two winners. Hodges very nearly held off Phillip Retchless in the Graham Hill Memorial - Phil diving up the inside to take the win by just two hundredths of a second.

  Race 1 Race 2 Graham Hill


5 Mark Hodges 9 Phil Retchless 9 Phil Retchless


32 Daniel Pooley 5 Mark Hodges 5 Mark Hodges


9 Phil Retchless 32 Daniel Pooley 32 Daniel Pooley


59 Steve Young 23 Cliff Bunn 15 Marc de Land


15 Marc de Land 15 Marc de Land 16 Andrew Bilby


23 Cliff Bunn 19 Luke Retchless 19 Luke Retchless


77 Neil Clarke 59 Steve Young 23 Cliff Bunn


76 Allen Herbert 76 Allen Herbert 76 Allen Herbert


2 Gary Grimsley 77 Neil Clarke 2 Gary Grimsley


8 Pete Dorrell 8 Pete Dorrell  


19 Luke Retchless