1st August 2009
Cowdenbeath, Tourist Trophy

Wee McHodges Highland trio.

Upon arrival at the Racewall we were unable to gain entry due to the football running over. So we had a meeting of the clans in the car park, having an enjoyable powwow before getting down to the exciting business of racing. The Midgets received a very warm and enthusiastic welcome from the track staff and spectators. There was a good buzz in the pits, with many people coming to look at the cars and chat to the drivers and their teams. There were even one or two people who remembered the Midgets last visit some 20+ years ago. Some of the smaller children even got the pleasure of sitting in a number of the cars for their photo shoot.

A quick practice session was held to familiarise the drivers with the track, which proved to be quite bumpy, resulting in Cliff breaking his drive shaft. Luckily he had a spare and with the help of some of the other drivers he was good to go for heat 1.

Heat 1 - Traditional weather change, heavens opened and down it poured making the track very wet. Unfortunately the track does not lend itself to overtaking, so Mark Hodges led from Neil and Andrew. Jonathan “living on the edge” Pooley fancied his chances early on and made a move down the outside entering turn 1, only to kiss the famous wall and damage his suspension. In his debut race Luke stayed on course and finished the race in one piece, and seemed to enjoy the experience. Mark took the win closely followed by Neil, Andrew and Cliff.

Heat 2 - The rain had eased and the track was slowly drying out, but still very slippy. Mark still on slicks led the way with the only overtaking occurring on the green flag by Phil and Jonathan, who nipped past a slow starting Cliff (sun sending him to sleep no doubt!). Mid way through the race the yellow flags went up as Neil on entering the home straight had lost control (of the car that is). Not one to be unsociable he gripped Luke in a little twirl and spun him round. This put both of them out of the race and they hobbled to centre green. Gordon unfortunately retired with fuel problems. This meant the race continued without further change and Mark took his second win with 16, 9, 31, and 23 in hot pursuit.

Heat 3 - Tourist Trophy Final. Weather had improved and everyone was in good spirits. Unfortunately Neil was out of the race due to his battery shorting out his electrics. Everyone pulled together and Luke was good to go. The excitement was high as the flag went down and they were off, Mark out in front closely followed by 16, 31, 23 and 9. It was a much faster and closer run race, as the track had dried considerably. Unfortunately Gordon was to retire with a blown engine. With a clean race run Mark took the flag, followed by Andrew, then a small gap and a very close finish with 31, 23 and 9 all crossing the line together in that order.

Everyone agreed they really enjoyed their time at Cowdenbeath and hopefully in the future we can organise a weekend racing at Cowdenbeath and Knockhill. Again thanks to everyone who made our visit memorable and enjoyable.