25th April, 2009
Birmingham, British Championship

Marc de Land raised a few eyebrows as he ran away with the British Championship in his only fourth ever Grand Prix Midget race. The meeting was billed by Incarace as a follow up from the 2008 end of season finale where the racing was overshadowed by the carnage that claimed so many cars.

The meeting started with the prestigious 25 lap British Championship. On the front row Nigel Robinson and Allen Herbert (76) led the cars away with the rest of the field bunching behind them. Within a couple of laps Nigel clipped the inside rumble strip forcing the BMC Dart to spin. Fortunately the closely following pack manage to avoided the stranded car and began to close in on the 76 car. At this stage of the race rookie racer Marc de Land (15) was starting to cut his way through the blue grade from the front of the reds. At the mid point two pre race favourites started retired. Cliff Bunn had engine problems forcing him into the infield and 2008 world and points champion Jonathan Pooley had suspension failure which led to him hitting the wall at the end of the straight. Marc de Land challenged Allen Herbert for the lead and took over in the Vauxhall powered Midget. As the laps ticked away West Country Champion Philip Retchless took over second and then started to close in on the 15 car. with five laps to go you could not split the first two as all eyes were focused on the head of the field. On the last lap de Land looked to have lost it going into turn one however, it had a positive effect as it made a chain reaction to the pursuing Retchless as the Cheetah had to slow down to avoid causing a crash. This allowed Marc to pull away and claim his first major title in his only forth race. The beaming brum could not believe it as he raised the historic trophy.

British Championship:- 15 Marc de Land, 9 Phil Retchless, 77 Neil Clarke, 76 Allen Herbert, 26 Clinton Dorrell, 32 Daniel Pooley, 59 Steve Young, 16 Andrew Bilby.

In Heat 1 Nigel Robinson and Allen Herbert leading off the cars with Alan getting the jump at the start which, he never looked like giving up. Mid way through the race the Midgets lived up to the Incarace billing as a multi car pile up on the main straight caused major damage to many cars Daniel Pooley and Phil Retchless had a coming together the following pack tried to avoid however, the blinded Clinton Dorrell drove up the back of Nigel Robinson's car which ended took off into the air and destroying the suspension when it hit back to the earth. At the end of the race Andrew Bilby closed in on the 76 car and only just finished second by only 0.054 seconds.

Heat 1:- 67, 16, 31, 15, 77, 59, 67.

Compared to heat 1 the last race of the evening passed with no real issues. The drive of the race came from Andrew Bilby who was rewarded with an excellent second in the previous race with one better by taking the spoils in heat 2. Andrew did not have his own way and had to keep a very fast Jonathan Pooley as bay for the last 5 laps of the race.

Heat 2:- 16, 31, 9, 15, 76, 23, 59, 77, 67.