13th April, 2009
Grimley, West Country Challenge

The Grand Prix Midget Club season commenced at the Grimley Raceway on a warm Easter Monday afternoon. The main race of the afternoon was for the West Country Cup which turned out to be an absolute classic. Marc de Land (15) battled fellow newcomer Leon Retchless (99) at the head of the field however, the chasing pack led by Philip Retchless (9) who challenged and took over the lead. The remaining cars then started to stack up behind the Cheetah and at one point a lenth of a straight only separated 1st to 12th as cars battled side by side for at least 10 laps. Regrettably such close racing was going to end in tears and within a lap Retchless (99) and Dorrell (26) both got to close to the rumble strips and sustained damage. All cars managed to swerve and avoid the mayhem however, the field was now spread out. Retchless (9) now came under huge pressure from Daniel Pooley (32) and Jonathan Pooley (31). As the laps ticked away it was Philip Retchless to hold on to claim the first title of 2009 only half a car length from 31 and 32 running behind in a close third.

Heat one was a less close affair as Mr Chairman Allen Herbert (76) jumped Retchless (9) at the start and never looked back. The rest of the field went through the motions of trying to catch 76 however, was unable to do anything about the lead he had managed to pull out on the early laps of the race.

Heat two saw a maiden race win for 2009 rookie driver Marc de Land. Feeling very comfortable in his new machine the Brummy gardener pulled out a good lead and finished the race a full length of a straight from Neil Clarke (77).