7th October 2007, Bovingdon, Graham Hill Memorial

The Graham Hill Memorial meeting at Bovingdon on 7th October was a truly international event again for the first time since 1998, with Germany's Klaus Kilianski and father and son Toni and Ritchie Scheepens from Holland joining the English contingent on the day. European drivers always used to attend this particular memorial but with Midget racing not taking place on the continent it had in recent years only been contested by British drivers.

The honours on the day went Jason Carnwell who took the Cheetah Mk1 to its 6th hat trick of the season and in doing so secured the 2007 Drivers Championship at the penultimate meeting of the series. Jonathan Pooley did get through to second place in heat one aided by a yellow flag around mid distance overtaking his brother Daniel as the safety car pulled off for the lead. This was short lived however with Jason proving impossible to resist demoting him a short time later. Heat 2 saw Jonathan pull off following a collision with Neil Clarke and with the series runner up place also secured Jonathan did not to contest the final.

Harry Sayell had an eventful meeting smashing into the back of Alan Buckland in the first heat. Dramatic as it looked neither car suffered any significant damage with only panel damage to Harry's SRV and whilst Alan Buckland played safe and retired from the race investigations in the pits later showed only minor damage to the rear bumper (gearbox protector). Harry did rejoin the race finishing 8th and had a good second heat coming through for a comfortable runner up place which places him third overall going into the final round. Alan Buckland back out for the first time since the Posterholt meeting also failed to finish heat 2 but made up for it taking valuable points in the main event with an excellent second place.

The Bunn brothers had a good day with Geoff Bunn taking third in heat 2 and his brother Cliff just pipping Harry Sayell to the flag for third in the Graham Hill. Andrew Bilby continued to go well at Bovingdon with third in the first heat.

5 times World Champion Klaus Kilianski having enjoyed his racing in this year's World championship event at Ipswich was keen to return for the event. Klaus was unusually outclassed in the World event mostly due to being shod on old tyres with a car that had stood idle for some time. Klaus did better at Bovingdon getting into what would have been points placings had he been eligible for them and he now plans to become a more regular visitor to next years UK fixtures. Planning to source new tyres he is optimistic of a return to previous form and is even considering a new livery as well!

Another former World Champion Toni Scheepens is no stranger to the Graham Hill Memorial trophy, he was runner up in 1997 and has competed in it many times. (The event was often scheduled to follow the international events in the 1980s and 90s allowing drivers to stay on to contest it the following weekend). Unfortunately Toni's luck was no better at this meeting than in the World Championship Again being sidelined by a broken diff. Toni had fitted a locked diff to replace the LSD which went in August but this not only broke but damaged a driveshaft too sidelining Toni once again after practice. Toni is currently building up a car for son Ritchie but sourcing parts is proving difficult and the car's debut is still eagerly awaited by the team. Ritchie himself made his Midget debut at Bovingdon courtesy of the Pooley race team who loaned him the Dastle which youngest member Daniel took over earlier this season. Ritchie enjoyed the two heats immensely but sadly was not able to compete in the main event.

The formula now goes back to Grimley to close the season where they opened it with trophy places 3rd 4th 5th and 6th all still to be decided. Daz Rycroft and the welcome return of Mark Hodges are expected (neither making Bovingdon as anticipated) along with the return of Allen Herbert who last raced around 5 years ago. Allen is planning to test his newly refurbished car at the meeting in order to find any gremlins before next season.