Southern Championship & Bill Boarer Memorial
8th October 2005, Ringwood

Heat 1

Seventeen cars on the starting grid Steve Young 59 and Barry Goldsby 78 on the front of the grid with Goldsby taking the lead up came Harry Sayell 1 to go 2nd Young back in 3rd, lap 2 Goldsby spins out on the longbar bend all by himself Harry Sayell takes the lead from Young 2nd and Jason Carnwell 14 3rd with Goldsby rejoining back in 5th. Lap 5 Young takes the lead Sayell back in 2nd from Martin Lamb 52 working his way up to 3rd Carnwell back in 4th, lap 7 Lamb up to 2nd with the rest of the field bunched up battling for positions which is lead by Jonathan Pooley 31 5th and Alan Buckland 19 6th. Lap 15 Carnwell and Harry Sayell side by side for 3rd with Sayell on the inside line maintains 3rd entering the longbar bend Carnwell diverts to the inside to go 3rd, 2 laps to go Lamb leading the race from Young 2nd with Pooley and Buckland together for 3rd. Lamb wins the race from Young 2nd and Pooley 3rd.

1st Martin Lamb 52, 2nd Steve Young 59, 3rd Jonathan Pooley 31, 4th Alan Buckland 19, 5th Ez Walker 43, 6th Jason Carnwell 14, 7th Rob Sayell 10, 8th Harry Sayell 1.

Bill Boarer Memorial Trophy

The Bill Boarer Memorial trophy was presented by Steve Boarer and his family. Rona, Bill's widow was also present. The family enjoyed the racing and will be back next year to present the trophy again.

17 cars up for the Bill Boarer Memorial Trophy" Steve Young 59 on the front off the grid takes the lead from Barry Goldsby 78 2nd and Harry Sayell 3rd with Jason Carnwell leading the chasing pack in 4th, on the pit bend Harry Sayell spins out all by himself rejoins but a lap down. Lap 3 Young leading the race from Goldsby 2nd and Carnwell 3rd with Mark Hodges 5 leading the chasing pack in 4th, lap 4 Young still leading the race with Carnwell managing to go past Goldsby to go 2nd Goldsby back in 3rd with Martin Lamb leading the chasing pack in 4th. Lap 5 Lamb on the bumper of Goldsby for 3rd with Lamb going 3rd, lap 6 Carnwell and Lamb together for 2nd on the pit bend Carnwell goes out wide Lamb nips to the inside to go 2nd, lap 8 Young has a comfortable lead from Lamb 2nd Carnwell 3rd with Jonathan Pooley and Alan Buckland together for 4th. Lap 10 Carnwell, Pooley and Buckland battling for 3rd Carnwell goes wide and drops down the field to 5th, last lap Young has a comfortable lead from Lamb 2nd Pooley 3rd and Buckland 4th coming out of the final bend Pooley slows down mechanical problem Buckland grabs 3rd with Ez Walker coming up from the chasing pack to finish 4th with Pooley managing to finish 5th. Steve Young wins flag to flag.

1st Steve Young 59, 2nd Martin Lamb 52, 3rd Alan Buckland 19, 4th Ez Walker 43, 5th Jonathan Pooley 31, 6th Andrew Hinch 21, 7th Jason Carnwell 14, 8th Neil Clarke 77.

Final - Southern Championship

Last years it was won by Rob Sayell with Alan Buckland and Ez Walker finishing 2nd and 3rd, Harry Sayell and Mark Hodges 5 on the front off the grid with Steve Young 3rd, Sayell takes the lead with Young following to go 2nd. Position changing between these 3 with Jason Carnwell joining the action for the lead a four car battle for the lead with Hodges taking the lead Carnwell following through to go 2nd with Sayell back in 3rd and Young 4th, on lap 3 coming out of the pit bend Hodges and Young make contact with Hodges against the wall out came the waved yellow just as Hodges managed to get going again. Racing resumes in race order on lap 5 with Carnwell leading them off Young 2nd and Sayell 3rd. Lap 7 Carnwell race leader from Young 2nd Sayell 3rd and Ez Walker 4th with Alan Buckland leading the chasing pack in 5th, 5 laps to go Buckland all over the back of Walker for 4th Buckland takes the long way around to go 4th and with 4 laps to go manages to get past Sayell to go 3rd. Jason Carnwell takes the Southern Championship title from Young 2nd and Buckland 3rd.

1st Jason Carnwell 14, 2nd Steve Young 59, 3rd Alan Buckland 19, 4th Harry Sayell 1, 5th Ez Walker 43, 6th Jonathan Pooley 31, 7th Martin Lamb 52, 8th Neil Clarke 77.