25th May, Alwalton, European Championship

Gavin Terry reports: Daz Rycroft drove a brilliant race, in which he led for the duration, and took the chequered flag along with the European Championship half a lap ahead of everyone else, at the Peterborough Bank Holiday meeting on Sunday 25th May. The European championship attracted 18 cars, many of which had practised the day before and camped overnight. However by Sunday only 16 cars were running, as Brian Gough had to drop out due to oil problems and Evan Stone's Cheetah had crankshaft sensor problems.

The day started with time trials to determine the grid for the European race. In this drivers had two timed laps to complete the 500 yard track, with their quickest lap going forward. Gordon Pooley proved to be the fastest with a time of 17.12 seconds, putting him on pole. Daz Rycroft also put in a good lap time of 17.21 seconds to start in second, with Alan Buckland starting in third with a time of 17.28 seconds. It was also interesting to note that Rob Sayell produced a lap time of 17.24 seconds which would have placed him third on the grid had he qualified, making for an exciting race.

The European Championship race saw Daz Rycroft, on new tyres stormed from the front of the grid round the outside of Gordon Pooley and into the lead by the first corner. The two non-qualifiers Rob Sayell and Harold Lowe also made good starts. However having had to start from the back of the grid it looked unlikely that they would ever be able to catch Daz Rycroft who was pulling away at the front. Andy Collins, Gary Bonner and Steve Terry had unfortunately had to pull out by this stage due to car failure. Andrew Bilby had also been going extremely well until he got out of shape coming out of the corner and hit the wall putting him out of the race. The red flag that followed this incident closed the field right up once again. Rycroft got an excellent restart and once again started to pull away, Rob Sayell was also driving well getting past a resilient Alan Buckland and eventually getting into second. Gordon Pooley who had been going well had to pull off with engine problems. However Rycroft had pulled out to much of a lead, taking the chequered flag half a lap ahead, of Rob Sayell who drove a brilliant race to take second after starting from the back of the grid, with Neil Clarke coming in very close behind for third. He was followed over the line by Alan Buckland, Mark Hodges, Peter Bourn, Andy Hinch, Andy Smith and John Salter.

The second and final race of the day was won by Rob Sayell who led from the end of the first lap until the end of the race, in what was a confusing start as the drivers were not given any warm up laps. Steve Terry was positioned well in second place, however speedy recoveries by Neil Clarke and Daz Rycroft soon saw them pass into second and third. Harold Lowe was also carving his way through the field, and Rycroft was slowly starting to catch Rob Sayell. However, Rob had pulled out a significant gap at the front and took the race win by the length of a straight from Daz Rycroft in second and Harold Lowe in third. Neil Clarke, Andy Hinch, Alan Buckland, Steve Terry, and Andy Smith rounded off the top eight.