26th & 27th May, Alwalton, European Championship

Rob Sayell successfully defended the Grand Prix Midgets European Championship at Alwalton. Gary Granger took second place in his Dastle with Andy Collins bringing the 1994 championship winning Fireball home in third.

Bank Holiday Monday's meeting saw the East of England Championship followed by two support races with Rob Sayell looking every inch a champion taking all three races in spectacular style. The East of England Championship was run from graded order with 3 non-qualifiers lining up at the very back. Sayell was off the line like a bullet and overtook the whole of the red grade on lap one and was in the lead on lap 2. With 18 laps still to run it was a case of negotiating the back markers safely all the way to the flag. Gary Granger was in very similar spectacular form - also through from the red grade in remarkably quick time into third on lap 2 and second on lap 3. Granger kept the pressure up on Sayell whilst resisting any challenge from Andrew Bilby. Bilby putting the car round at a faster pace than the previous day and certainly getting the better of Clarke. Then followed a battle of the front engined cars headed by Gary Jones and Steve Piggins followed by Andrew Hinch and young blood Chris Phillips. Ultimately Sayell lapped up to 5th place retaining the East of England Championship cup for a second year.

Brian Gough caught a good many drivers out in the first support race winding his BMC Bullitt right open. At one time it looked like a lower grade top 3 but Sayell hit the second spot on lap 6 and passed Gough on lap 8. Once Sayell made the break Gough seemed to lose momentum and was swiftly punished by a train of cars headed by Andrew Hinch. Harry Sayell had set the Hinch car up after heat one and seemingly transformed the car. After an early duel with Granger a delighted Hinch secured second place with Granger third and Clarke best of the rest in 4th. Gough eventually securing 6th close behind Gary Jones.

Gough was again on the move in the final race chased by Collins and then Sayell. Sayell demoted Gough to second on lap 6 but the race was stopped and the result declared at 2/3 distance after Clarke and Chris Phillips crashed out heavily into the armco with Phillips badly shaken. Gough netted second place with Collins third and Granger 4th, newcomer Paul Jones had his best result to date in 5th with Andrew Bilby 6th.

East of England Championship: 1st Rob Sayell , 2nd Gary Granger, 3rd Andrew Bilby, 4th Neil Clarke, 5th Gary Jones, 6th Steve Piggins, 7th Andrew Hinch, 8th Chris Phillips, 9th Brian Gough, 10th John J Bilby, 11th Paul Jones.

Heat 1: 1st Rob Sayell, 2nd Andrew Hinch, 3rd Gary Granger, 4th Neil Clarke, 5th Gary Jones, 6th Brian Gough, 7th Andy Collins, 8th Chris Phillips, 9th John Bilby, 10th Paul Jones.

Heat 2: (stopped after 6 laps result given) 1st Rob Sayell, 2nd Brian Gough, 3rd Andy Collins, 4th Gary Granger, 5th Paul Jones, 6th Andrew Bilby, 7th John Bilby.