Saturday 18 & Sunday 19 September 1999, Ringwood

Harry Sayell took the Trafalgar Bearings trophy for GP Midgets at Ringwood on Saturday, while Gary Jones won the Southern Championship on Sunday. Rob Sayell finished just one point short of securing the Fulcrum Series and looks destined to break a 15-year VW domination of the formula. His closest rival, Stuart Haynes, is now 53 points adrift after leaving the meeting early, disheartened by handling problems.

Saturday's wet races ended with the Sayell team taking first and second in all three races. Neil Clarke was thrid in the Trafalgar Bearings Cup race.

One Sunday Jones took third place in the first two heats and Clarke third in the final. The Southern Championship featured a flag-to-flag victory for rookie Jones, with Clarke second and Steve Piggins third. In the first heat, Clarke and Jones finished one-two. Harry Sayell won the last race.

Sunday's results:

Southern Championship: 1st Gary Jones, 2nd Neil Clarke, 3rd Steve Piggins, 4th Rob Sayell, 5th Harry Sayell, 6th Mark Hodges

Heat: 1st Neil Clarke, 2nd Gary Jones, 3rd Andrew Bilby

Heat two: 1st Harry Sayell, 2nd Neil Clarke, 3rd John Salter